Postmortems from game developers

Anyone read this yet? Just wondering if it’s worth the $20.

I’m guessing most if not all of these are already available at

Let me sum up the entire book, just slug this in for any game.

Good points:
We tried to make something special.

Bad points:
We tried to do too much.

There you go, I just saved you $20 and some extra reading.


Chet, you going to submit that to the Book-a-minute people?

Hey, you’re forgetting

What went right:
We had a really sharp, experienced and creative team.

What went wrong:
We all hated each other. When we hit beta, I celebrated by crucifying the QA lead’s cat on his office door. But don’t tell him, he doesn’t know it was me.

Seriously, though, I really hate the what went right/what went wrong format of the GD postmortems. Most of what goes on in the course of making any game is more ambiguous than that.

Don’t forget about…

What went right:

What went wrong:
-Suprise! <X> was also something that went wrong.

Ironically, the author/editor’s sister makes mathematical artwork for a living that has been featured in at least one of the Final Fantasy games…

That’s not ironic. That’s coincidental.

-The Irony Police

Oooh. Tough crowd.