Pot vs. Booze

I’m bored. Sue me.

Pot pros:

  1. No matter how high I am, I can still read comic books.
  2. It’s pretty difficult to get a pot hangover.
  3. It makes shitty television good, and good television great.
  4. Three words: Cool Ranch Doritos.

Pot cons:

  1. It makes me dumber than I usually am, which is really saying something.
  2. It’s illegal. Well, sorta.
  3. Doritos make you fat.
  4. Anything game more complicated than, say, video golf is pretty much out of the question.

Booze pros:

  1. Whiskey tastes good. Like, really really good.
  2. After a few, I become an incredibly witty and sophisticated raconteur who is always a big hit with the ladies… or so booze would have me believe.
  3. It lets me spend extended periods of time with my in-laws without killing them.
  4. According to my Dad, without booze I probably wouldn’t be here.

Booze cons:

  1. It’s WAY more expensive than pot.
  2. Bedspins, vomiting, and the general ickiness associated with a good, story-worthy binge.
  3. Trying to play a first-person shooter, or anything with a moving 3D camera, is like taking the porcelian bus to Puke Town.
  4. It makes me smell like what I imagine Gary Busey must smell like all the time.

Winner? Pot, but mostly because of it’s magical movie-and-television enhancing powers.

Odd. I find that I am unimpeded in my videogaming experiences while high, though and significantly impeded after alcohol consumption.

Perhaps this comes due to high tollerance and experience. :oops:

How is whiskey more expensive than pot? You must be smoking the cheapest green, commercial, grown with a hot lamp in Idaho, crap, there ever was. There is just no way that is right.

I hate pot because if you are even a little self conscious before you smoke that stuff, you can just forget about it after.

The last time I got stoned, I played the tutorial for Oni and giggled a lot. Then I watched George Romero’s Day of the Dead and thought it was totally and utterly awesome.

I think those belong in the “pot cons” column.


Alcohol is one of the main factors of violent crime. Pot, not so much.

Someone once blew smoke into my mouth while I was yawning. No, really. I’m not making this up. For a few minutes, I felt like I was standing on my head with all the blood rushing to my brain. Y’all are suckers for paying money for that experience. Just go stand on your head for free!

As a reasonable consumer of both, pot is a lot cheaper than booze. 100$ for a quarter of high-grade pot equals two months of supply. I probably pay double that for booze in its various forms, for home consumption. I won’t even go into how expensive drinking out is.


p.s. Yes, yes, I know that some people smoke a ton of pot at each sitting; frankly they’re silly. A couple of hits of good pot get me as twisted as I care to be, thanks.

Roger - But then I have to turn my entire room upside down to be able to keep reading the forums!

Why not both? It’s like peanut butter and chocolate, mixed together!

For me, getting drunk yields diminishing returns as I get older, where as getting high maintains a consistant level of satisfaction.

As far as gaming goes, there’s no comparison. Try Vietcong multiplayer with a phat buzz, especially if you never quite understood why everyone else thought that game was so rad.

I still have not determined if a 38 year pothead is more pathetic than a 38 year old drunk-ass or vice versa. Help me choose.

AS Uncle said, the drinking gets harder and harder to recover from for me. Last night I had, maybe 5 or 6 beers with a burger and fries in a smoke-filled bar(yes, we still have those in my nek uv da woods), and have already waded through a mild headache and nausea morning. I think the requirements for dehydration must plummet after you pass 30 because I simply cannot function like I used to. Of course, having to still get up at 6:30 and go pick up a kid at the in-laws may be affecting my recovery.

The pot in small doses, I guess was fine, but I often got “The Paranoia”. I felt as if something bad was going to happen and I was in no condition to deal with it. Liquor makes me not worry about anything.

I guess I am going to have to find some other release, like sleeping around. AS far as I can tell, that seems to have no negative side effects. :wink:

You unwashed, vulgar pedestrians with your beer. Drinking never gets old if it’s a decent Pinot Grigio or zippy sweet Riesling. 5 or 6 glasses of that will take away the pain and give you four hours of “niiiiiice”.


Hmm… both are pretty pathetic, but I’d say the 38-year-old pothead just barely edges out the competition, just because the idea of a fat balding guy calling his equally loserly friend up asking if he can score some weed makes smile/wretch.

I get The Fear quite a bit. I found that it helps to smoke less. Quality helps, too, but depending on your location it can be hard to get better than brick.

But even splurging for the good stuff, I still spend way more on booze. Thank god I’m mostly into beer.

As a reasonable consumer of both, pot is a lot cheaper than booze. 100$ for a quarter of high-grade pot equals two months of supply. I probably pay double that for booze in its various forms, for home consumption. I won’t even go into how expensive drinking out is.

Quarter what? Quarter ounce? Is that what it costs now? How can a quarter ounce last two months?

Never experienced The Fear, but instead get that kind of ultimate-relaxed-cool, like so relaxed my spirit is like 3 feet to the right of me, just chilling with my body. Never got that from pure alcohol, though.

More or less equivalently pathetic. In my experience, drunks are more likely to turn nasty, though.

Dunno, but it does. Smoked probably 4-5 days a week, I suppose. Avoid joints, for one thing, as they waste and burn up a lot of pot. I mostly smoked out of a one-hitter, and a couple would do me for the night. I’ve always been a moderate when it comes to drugs, I don’t like drinking to the point of being drunk, nor being stoned to the point of freakout paranoia.


Oh, and one other factor is that I live in Kentucky, so all of our pot is extremely high-quality. Christ, I bought some in Costa Rica from a beach dealer, smelled like a leaf fire.