Potter fan tries to make potion, sets house on fire

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Because after all, blaming video games is getting so passé.

She was 21. And they say kids are stupid.


Thats pretty goddamn hillarious, Im willing to bet it was a spell for intelligence.

I can’t imagine any kind of potion that involves alcohol and toothpaste making you smarter.

It’s a catch-22. You’d have to be smart to know that, but then you wouldn’t need the potion anyway.

Next time I’m busted with my portable meth lab, that’s the excuse I’m using!

Industry Dwarf

No, but it’s probably great for maintaining oral hygiene.

  • Alan

I’m sorry Ben, it’s actually not a Catch-22 in her case, but a Catch-21.


I wonder how long it will take for some congressman to try and pass legislation on the unsafe use of toothpaste, alcohol, and Harry Potter?