Pow! instant family!

so, i adopted three new ferrets tonight, bringing my herd up to a total of five. they appear to be happy and healthy, and are extremely well behaved. they’ve been eating kitten chow their whole lives, though, so i’m in the process of getting them weined onto something healthier.

any other ferret owners here?

They’re illegal in California, ya know.

Something about the ferrets getting out and decimating the local animal population in their search for cat food I guess.


I love it, it rolls together the loss of the California Ferret Court Case with the invasion of Iraq.

Last Hope For Ferret Legalization Dies

Posted August 28, 2003

Our attorney, George Weingarten called today to announce that we lost in the Court of Appeals.

Our legal options are now over. We have previously exhausted our legislative options and we have been unsuccessful in front of the Fish and Game Commission. George further informs me that the court will now probably come after me for court costs.

George said the court refused to hear any information post 1988. They even said Ron Jurek is an expert on ferrets after all, he was previously rebuked by the court. It was a decision divorced from reality - and conforms to all our other experience in ten years in this struggle.

I am no longer an advocate for ferret legalization. I don’t believe such freedom is a possibility in California.

I am ashamed of my state, and I am ashamed of my nation for invading and occupying Iraq (among other things). I do not believe the average person can have any impact on the government here in California or the USA. I further believe our state and nation are hopelessly corrupt.

Obviously, it is time for someone else to take over the San Diego chapter of Ferrets Anonymous. We still provide valuable service in taking care of the ferrets - we will just have to continue to do it underground.

Thank you,

Pat Wright

That letter really is a thing of beauty.

Ferrets Anonymous? Does that mean they don’t eat ferrets anymore?

Mah 3 cats can whip your 5 ferrets!! :lol:

Bah, this is a good thing. Horrid creatures I say. Horrid little evil things. :evil:

You mean the right to bear ferrets is not guarranteed by the US constitution? I quite like the little buggers, but I’ve never put one down my trousers.