Power Puff Girls ... Anime?

Leaked screenshots from the preview: here.

Looks like generic anime, compared to the unique, if minimalist, style of the original.

What was wrong with the original that created a need/market for a generic anime clone?

The answer is that the original had no phallic bubble blowing.

This is so stupid it makes my head hurt. The PPG were wonderful the way they were --chock full of unique style and subtle parody of the superhero and anime scenes. This just smacks of the same EXTREME makeover grasping that resulted in the new Bugs Bunny. Again, it’s safely ignored by those of us who are fans of the originals.

Edit: Oh, wait. This appears to be a makeover of the show for Japanese audiences only. Then all might not be so bad IF they can just stick to what made the American version great. But judging by how Buttercup is slinging around a ginormous hammer and Blossom a yo-yo (?!) I’m guessing the odds of that are still slim.

Edit 2: Oh, and where the hell is Mojo Jojo? If there’s no Mojo Mojo then it’s NOT THE F’ING POWER PUFF GIRLS.

Because it’s much harder to do hentai of the PPG as they exist on the Cartoon Network?

Mojo is in one of the posters linked in the first post.

Ah, so he is. I missed him there. I’m only 75% indignant now.

Oh man, this is almost as bad as what Saban was going to do with Sailor Moon.

The promotional trailer for Saban’s american half-cartoon, half-life-action Sailor Moon is truly a sight to behold.

If we could only see it…


I liked it better when it was broken. That was scary bad.

Say… whatever happened to that PPG show featuring them as adolescents? Did Cartoon Network come to their senses and cancel that project?

As for the PPG anime - I don’t even want to know. I’m sure somehow they’ll work strange sexual innuendos into every episode.

That was actually a clothing line, not a cartoon.

That was actually a clothing line, not a cartoon.[/quote]

That’s even more fucked up.

I actually liked PPG. Genndy tartovsky is a great director. Now it’s just stupid anime with adolescent short skirted girls who have bubbly powers and weird epoleptic backgrounds.

I’m aghast that you think that it’s only about the quality of character design and animation.

PPG is one of the finest examples of storytelling in the last 2 decades.

I will never look at the powerpuff girls the same again.

Without one hand free?