Powerbook Question

Coworker of mine intends to get herself a new Powerbook next month. Now, several people keep telling me that Apple may or may not release the Pentium-M based ones “soon” according to rumours.

Anyone know more about that? Are they really likely to be available within lets say 6-8 weeks? Does it make sense to wait for them in general? I’m assuming that they may have better battery performance and whatnot compared to G5-powered systems?



If it was me I would wait at least till feb / march.

Nobody’s really sure.

What I initially heard was that they were going to convert the lowest-end models (iBook, mini) first, and then the highest-end models (PowerBook, PowerMac) last sometime in 2007, in order to give developers as much time as possible to prepare so that ‘pro’ users wouldn’t be stuck running their critical apps under emulation.

Recently though, there have been some reports like this of the PowerBooks coming much earlier than expected.

It’s still all speculation, though. I’d hold off on deciding anything at least until after the Macworld conference in a week or two, as Apple might announce something there. (Apple likes to make a lot of their big announcements at conferences. If they don’t say something there, they probably won’t say anything until WWDC mid-year.)

On the other hand, I’d argue buying one now. The Intel chips are unproven in the Mac laptops. The one she’d buy now has all the design kinks worked out.

You only have to wait a couple of weeks to find out. If there are going to be new models released soon, I suspect they’ll be announced at Macworld in January.

I’d wait, she can either get the new Intel model, or choose from a bunch of used models on ebay that the early adopters are selling.

I just advised my father in law against picking up a Powerbook (it’ll be his first mac) because this is the worst time in at least the last 8 years or so to make any apple portable purchase. The line has basically (unless you pic nits) stagnated for over a year (all models still use the relatively ancient G4 processor) and is very overdue for replacement. By probably any measure, the replacements should be more than twice as fast as any portable you can buy from Apple today.

We should hear in just a few days when we can expect them to be replaced.

It’s a bad time to pick up a PC notebook, and a worse time to pick up a Powerbook.

Yeah I was just reading the newest issue of Mac something something and they along with the rest of us expect to see something new at MacWorld. I fully expect to see either new powerbooks / ibooks and the Mini’s.

Yeah, I’m playing the “wait and see” game too. It’s kinda depressing that the top end powerbook shares almost identical stats with a $599 mac mini.