Powerless - Wash hires Blondie for Wayne Security


The DC TV universe expands to office sitcoms. Caught the first episode of this last night and it was…perfectly mediocre. My inner comic book nerd was tickled to see third-string DCU characters like Jack O’Lantern and Crimson Fox, and some of it was moderately funny. Got a kick out of the giant poster of Gotham’s Jim Gordon on the wall, too. Unfortunately, I really don’t think it’s going to have the writing and acting necessary to save it from being a comic-book-style show on mainstream television. I’ll watch it for the month or so that it’s likely to live until cancellation.


The kids and I really enjoyed this, be curious to see where things go from there - the pilot was fairly constrained with also trying to introduce everyone, but the gags were fun.


I like several of the actors, heck I love two of them, but the whole thing fell flat for me. Even the parts I found funny seemed to miss overall.


The changes this show has gone through in production are amazing.


Makes me miss Better Off Ted.


This was my feeling as well. The show was just bad, even for a comedy. I expected better. I’ll give it another week because pilot episodes can sometimes be a poor indicator of a show’s overall potential, but if there isn’t significant improvement I don’t see my viewership, or the show, being extended.


I’m in the same boat. The episode itself seemed to be a 22 minute set-up to a single punchline.

Is this the show that was originally going to be an insurance company in a hero/villain filled city? Or is that one still pending?


This is it. Originally, Hudgens was supposed to be the new gal at an ACME-like insurance company in a superhero city. She was supposed to be the bright-eyed newcomer wanting to pay out claims while Alan Tudyk was supposed to be the supervisor that wanted everyone to deny claims. That original pilot was shown at Comic-Con last year.

io9 even did a companion piece spelling out some of the changes.


I think I agree overall that it was pretty mediocre. The jokes weren’t great, but Tudyk and Pudi saved some of them. There are some glimmers of things that make me hopeful, though – the fact that it’s a comedy instead of a drama, which is still relatively unexplored territory for super hero comic book TV shows; the little bit of fourth-wall breaking at the end when they’re discussing Batman’s coincidentally similar idea; and the super hero vibe being closer to the 1960’s Batman than Zack Snyder’s Batman (anti-Joker epi-pens seem like something Alan West would have on his utility belt), which I hope they have some fun with.


Just watched the first 2 episodes, Tudyk is great and Hudgens eyebrows make the show for me.


Welp. That’s that.


Well, it was pretty bad… Feel sorry for some of the people involved, but its for the best that the show got put down.


I watched two episodes. It was terrible. No big loss here.


Yeah Its like they just dont know how to do things right with DC properties. I had hopes for this one especially since I liked a lot of the cast but it just fell flat right from the start. I bailed after 3 episodes.


It got a bit better towards the end. I remember that Parks and Rec needed a season.


I was enjoying it, but nothing lost really with it being shelved.


It got a lot better, almost to the ‘good’ point at the end. Hated the first few though