PowerPoint question

Any of you have any tips on writing structural formulas for chemical compounds in either PowerPoint or MS Word?

So far I’ve been typing out the molecules and trying to draw the bonds with the line tool but I can never get the lines to go exactly where I want them. It’s like there are stick points where can you only draw lines in certain places and if you try to move the lines the jump or down but never to where you want them to go.

I’ve never drawn anything to do with chemical compounds, but I imagine what you’re wanting to create can’t be that different from some of the snazzier organizational flowcharts I’ve drawn up. I suggest using a paint or image editing program like photoshop to create the images you want to use and then importing them into your PP presentation.

Thanks for the suggestion. My initial Google foo didn’t reveal much but after a bit of refining I was able to find this page with a bunch of free tools for drawing structural formulas. ACD/Chemsketch seems like it’ll work nicely.