Powers going to marvel..maybe

From Lying in the Gutters came a rumor that Powers and Kabuki and moving to Marvel.

Bendis and Oeming have been hitting something big has happen to push back Powers vol 2 #1. Bendis also stated that Marvels july orders will have people’s mouths drop open. A huge thread on Bendis’ board and image is going on, both Bendis and Oeming have been on and haven’t post in the thread.

So what does this have to do with movies? My first thought was: “Bet Avi Arad is doing this to get the Powers movie under his stable.”

Powers is at Sony, Arad has a relationship with them (thanks Spidey), Powers is written by Marvel’s hotest writer, and the powers’ movie has been collecting dust while Frank Oz spend 2 years making the Stepford Bomb err Wives. Sounds like a business relationship to me that would benefit everyone. Bendis and Oeming get their comic made into a movie (lets be honest, out side of Stan Lee, most comic creators are dead or near so before their comic hits the silver screen) and Marvel gets another movie to add to their string of hits.

My gut feeling is it will not effect the comic one way or another. Nor is it a sign of a new trend at Marvel to support comic creators. The movie on the other hand it could effect a great deal

Just my mind thinking.

Hottest writer? Bendis has become pretty much Marvel’s only writer. Almost all of the Ultimate books, Daredevil, the new Avengers, blah, blah. And he’s crap. Sorry, but I don’t get the love that people have for the guy. His storylines are always dragged out, which is great for Marvel’s TPB purposes, but awful for readers who have to drop $10-15 for a story that should have been told in a single issue. My favorite? Ultimate Spider-Man. Where Bendis has not only turned Peter Parker into a selfish dweeb who cries over the Green Goblin, he routinely takes three or four pages to depict stupid little things like passing notes in class. I can read an issue of USM in under two minutes. $4 CDN for two minutes. Why the hell would anyone rational spend that sort of money for that length of entertainment?

Bendis is the biggest reason I’ve dropped all my comics. He’s the finest example of everything that’s wrong with the industry right now. Dragged out stories, wanking dialogue written just to show how clever the writer is, flimsy characterization, the desecration of established characters, zero regard for even the slimmest thread of continuity to please long-time readers, etc.

Marvel is an absolute joke now. Heroes don’t wear costumes. They fight drug dealers and terrorists instead of super-villains. And best of all, some books don’t even center on their title characters. Jones’ Hulk was ridiculous. How many issues would go by without an appearance of the green guy? And have you tried to read the new Silver Surfer? The Surfer is in something like seven or eight panels the first three or four issues. It’s like a big con game. Marvel is only using the names of these old characters to draw readers in to buying books that feature them as peripheral figures in plots about regular people. Somebody in editorial has obviously decided that Silver Age legends are played out. Or that all this reality TV garbage means that readers don’t want long-underwear heroes anymore; they want stories about Average Joes and Janes interacting with long-underwear heroes.

Sorry for the screed. But Marvel superhero comics are dead, and I’m pretty pissed off about it. As is the superhero movie craze. Last year’s disappointing take on Hulk and Daredevil proved that. Spider-Man 2 will be the last gasp of the Marvel movie phenomenon, and I highly doubt that it will make as much money as the first one.

enjoyed his copy of Cable & Deadpool

Ok, is this a secret code for something? I have no idea what it means.

Lying in the Gutters is a column published on comicbookresources.com

Powers is a comicbook by Bendis and Oeming, published currently by Image. For taking apart the superhero genre, it borders on being better than Watchmen and its an ongoing series.

Kabuki is another Image comic.

Hey Brett, I’m enjoying JMS’s run on Amazing Spiderman. He’s gone all Dr. Strangey on poor Spidey and just as I was thinking, “Oh god, not another astral traveller blah blah. Where’s Doc Oc or something?” Spidey actually said, “Why am I fighting all these magic people who scoff at my measley webs and spider strength? These aren’t my villains, they’re the guys Doc Strange usually takes care of.” Which made me think JMS was winking and saying “I know this is a little weird lately, but bear with me and it’ll all pay off.”

The last issue I read had a guest appearence by Loki. 'Nuff said.

I’ve been reading 1602, and that’s finally picked up. I’ve been disappointed by Ultimate Six, and we haven’t had an issue of The Ultimates in months.

Other than that, all I’m reading is Knights of the Dinner Table. Hoody Hoo!

So I haven’t run across Bendis at all, except in Ultimate Six, which I’m not going to buy anymore. The art makes everyone look ugly, and you’re right, the story has taken what, 5 issues, to get off the ground.

So I guess you’re right, I’m not much of a fan of Bendis.

The good Bendis books are Daredevil and “Powers before the monkey sex issue.”

Daredevil does nothing for me. No costume, crappy art, same old Bendis dialogue wanking to drag a one-issue story into six so Marvel can do the TPB. And it’s part of the Marvel Knights imprint, which seems to be just an excuse for Marvel to jack up the cover price a buck. I refused to pay that $4.75 CDN, so I just read the odd issue on the shelves and bought the 25-center (which wasn’t bad, in fairness).

Dean, I liked JMS on Amazing, too, for a while, but found the characterization way off too often. Loki, for instance, was nothing at all like I’ve ever seen him before, and very different from the Loki currently appearing in Thor. That was off-putting. But the big problem I have with ASM is the absence of a supporting cast. MJ gets maybe five panels an issue, and those are usually shots of her in bed or in some hottie outfit looking upset as Pete swings out the window. Aunt May’s been altered beyond recognition and barely shows up anyways. And everybody else–Flash, the whole Bugle crew, etc–are completely absent. I understand the JMS wants to go in new directions, which is cool. But he’s not even trying to develop these new directions, so there haven’t even been any alternatives added, say at the school where Peter is teaching. I hate the teaching angle anyways, but the least JMS could do would be to build up some characters there, make some fellow teachers part of the ongoing story. These people are just plot devices, used one issue or two to set up some story angle, and then tossed away, never to be seen again.

I HATE this about NuMarvel. Every book seems to have dumped its supporting cast, so TPB readers don’t have to worry about continuity from one story-arc to the next. So you either get the protagonist doing his thing in one-off stories that do nothing to develop character, or the protagonist is a no-show completely and the story revolves around transitory characters. I really, really miss the Marvel Universe, the soap opera, the big supporting cast in every book. Marvel reads way too much like DC now for my liking. Too disposable. I can’t get into the characters and settings like I used to, I guess because Marvel doesn’t really care about monthly buyers anymore. It’s all geared for TPBs, for graphic novels that read like, well, novels. As an old-school Marvel guy, I can’t accept that for superhero books.

The only Marvel book I was enjoying was FF. I like Mark Waid. Though the killing Ben storyline was pretty lame.

As far as supporting cast on ASM, since JMS has taken over, Peter and MJ have gotten back together and are living as happily married as I’ve ever seen those two. Aunt May has found out that Peter is Spiderman, has dealt with it, and has even started being a pro-Spiderman activist. We’ve been introduced to this other ur-spiderman who seems to know some secrets about Peter’s spider-powers, and we’ve gotten hints of a costume change and Peter’s eventual death.

The school stuff does seem a plot device, but no more so than the Bugle was ever a plot device.

And I have no idea about the characterization of Loki, simply because I haven’t read Thor since Simonson’s run in the eighties.

I like the simplification of the backstories in NuMarvel, which allow me (who hasn’t really read comics since the eighties) to pick up a book and not be overwhelmed by a gigantic soap opera cast. I tried some of the Ultimate line of TP’s, but I’d rather stick with the regular Marvel universe of my youth-- the exception being the Ultimates.

This has been confirmed. Powers is going to Marvel’s new ICON imprint.