Powerstar Golf

This was mentioned in the main Xbox One thread by Rock8man, but I wanted to start a new thread for it.

The game is available as a download for $19.99 and is a no-brainer for old Hot Shots fans. The similarities are many, with just enough differences to set it apart; namely the records it keeps that you can see on your screen from your friends rounds. Things like longest drives, closest approaches, and longest putts on every hole are just some of the ways you can “compete” against your friends. You can also use one of your friends’ caddies that might have more/better perks unlocked.

I currently only have a couple of friends playing this, so I’d appreciate anyone who’d like to add me.

I’m on as Spectf

I have this as well, I posted my XBL info in the other thread, but I’m on as Scott Dobros haven’t had a chance to dig in yet but will be doing so shortly ; )

This sounds really good. Not having a Xbox I am having to make do with GolfStar instead.

As I mentioned in the XBox One thread, the game is a gem. I’m really enjoying it and the constant competing with my friends, even when playing single player courses. It’s really well done and should be in all golf games from now on.

I’ve also completed a Rivals course, which will hopefully means it will appear to other potential competitors who want to try and beat me (new player, level 5 me, but bring it on! :) ).

I’ve added the players from the other thread to my friends list and am now adding you Spectf. See you on the golf course.


I started the game today and it told me that 3 Rivals had tried and failed to beat my best Rivals round. I got 1200XP for it. Nice.

What was a let down is that it didn’t tell me who the Rivals were. I certainly hope that if someone beats me, it will tell me who, so I can return the favour.

EDIT: Argh! Closest I’ve ever gotten to a hole-in-one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvplMJL4aC4 (make sure to up the resolution to 720p. The encoding and bit rate are not great, but anything below the capture resolution is really bad).


I was two of those. I wasn’t sure they would count though, because I was either having internet issues last night, or the Xbox servers were acting up, as it kept timing out on me after every shot, telling me it wouldn’t update the round or something.

I really like the feature to play against others’ rounds. It’s a great way to see how others are doing against your skill.

Played some more Rival tonight against Tristero and Rock8Munky. You both have scores to beat. :)


I just impulse bought this. I added everyone in this thread. I’m in as UScr00ge.

Wish PC gamers had a fun golf game like this. :(

The PC has had Pangya for almost 10 years now. It is pretty much a korean free to play version of hotshots golf.

A steam version with integrated stuff like Powerstar Golf would be great.