Powerstrip + HDMI

I’m trying to set up a system specifically for testing HDMI. My experience with powerstrip has been limited to laptops, so using it with a real graphics card is beyond my ken.

What I’m looking for is a graphics card with an actual HDMI connector, and which will play nice with powerstrip so I can have complete control over the HDMI signal, outputting video in any format ever defined (and there are a great many of them indeed), not just the handful of common ones people actually care about.

Preferably with HDMI as a second video output so I can still see what’s happening on a real monitor.

Anyone here familiar enough with powerstrip and HDMI to make any suggestions?

In my experience, HDMI does not lend itself well to anything non-standard, by which I mean anything that is not a current broadcast standard (ie 480, 576, 720, etc), or a common 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 PC resolution.

You may be able to get powerstrip to output a desired resolution, but you may never know if it works as something else in the chain (AV Receiver, Monitor, TV, etc), will not accept it as a valid ‘HDMI’ signal.

For example, some resolutions that are supported on my LCD TV and work fine on the VGA port (via DVI from the HTPC), will not work over HDMI.

Curious to know what exactly you are trying to test…