Powertoys, TweakUI, or your speed tweaks for Vista?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like MS hasn’t released a Tweakui or Powertoys add-on for Vista?

If not I’m wondering what you’ve done to speed it up. Here’s what I was going to do (and tgell me if it’s a bad idea).

  • Disable Windows Defender? (I have Kaspersky).
  • Disable services for Readyboost.
  • Disable indexing on my Hard Drives.
  • Adjust Power modes.
  • Change SATA HD’s to high performance (I have battery backup).

Well, that’s all I’ve thought up with so fart.

Well, there is the non-official [URL="

Increase readyboot, increase RAM, and put indexing as a scheduled job when you are asleep.

There is a vista TweakVI, but most of it is fairly useless. Also, kill services you aren’t using and in general nuke most virus software. Their file scanning techniques lock random files, cause random errors, and are generally only for idiots that happy with eating 25% of their CPU and opening exclusive read locks on files in your system.

Ok, I’ll fart.


This has to be the most shit-laden post I’ve seen in about the last 8 hours, so I just gotta say: Don’t listen to a word this jackass is saying.

ReadyBoost is worthless if you have 2GB of RAM or more, Indexing is only neccesary if you use the OS’s built-in Search function AND want the results to come up super-fast (it still works just fine without the indexing), more RAM is a “duh” kind of thing, and who the fuck in their right mind runs their system without antivirus software of some sort?

And really, if you’re seeing a 25% performance hit with anti-virus software and/or other ‘random’ issues, THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE WRONG WITH YOUR SYSTEM.

To say that bago is somewhat exaggerating is even misleading- he’s full-on shitting on the keyboard and somehow it created a post and hit Submit. Go figure.


What Mlatin said. He’s spot on.

Turn off Sidebar and Aero Glass. What a waste of resources.

I think I’ve used 3D Flip about four times in a year and a half of having Vista installed.

Flip3D is one of those things that makes you wonder what the Vista devs were thinking. Why not replace the normal Alt-Tab dialog completely when Aero is activated instead of having two ways of presenting the same thing tied to two different keystrokes?

Sidebar shows a calendar and a round analogue clock! Also, Aero Glass is pretty. Pretty is good.

Jeff’s list is fine, it’s what I did too.

Rather, look for the utility called Switcher and see that some other dev in about a week could make something far more useful in the same vein as Expose and wonder why Microsoft is a bunch of idiots.

Sidebar = 35MB of RAM with just the clock and calendar. If you put the resource monitor on the sidebar, it also sucks up CPU. Not to mention it’s a waste of screen space and is isn’t configurable to be as helpful as the widgets in Mac OSX only popping up when you press a hotkey.

Aero Glass = 50-60MB of RAM for transparencies in the titlebar? No thanks! Basic Aero looks pretty much the same and older games won’t crash or flip you out of Glass into Basic Aero because they don’t support desktop compositing.

install teracopy
install switcher from insentient.net if you want to do it expose-mac-style
install launchy or find-and-run robot
install everything from http://www.voidtools.com/

Switcher only works if you are using Aero Glass, so if you like it a LOT and use it a LOT then fine but otherwise turn off Glass, IMO.

i like my aero glass but that’s a personal call, you’re right.

Yeah, well, I have 4 gigs installed so Sidebar and Aero Glass use up less than 2.5% of my total RAM… I can live with that. And I haven’t had an application that didn’t like Glass since Sun updated the JVM for that issue.

What he said.

If you have issues where removing 35 MB load makes a noticable difference, then perhaps your pc is underpowered for running Vista.

And I like the fast search that indexing provides.

Forget about Readyboost and buy more ram is my suggestion (and the programs rei suggests are good too - especially Teracopy)

Forgot to mention have 4 Gig of RAM, and everything I’ve seen says Readyboost does nothing for people with that much.

REI - I’ll look into those links. Thanks.

I meant if you like Switcher a lot, but that too.

If you aren’t running anything that needs all the RAM on your system maybe you’re not using your computer for anything important or interesting… I have 3GB FWIW. Also, your math sucks-- 35 + 50 = 85MB of RAM you didn’t have before.

I don’t need a Moaning Goat Meter running on my desktop, thanks.