PowerUser.TV: StarForce, etc

This week’s PowerUser.TV (sponsored by Qt3, WC, and Neowin.net) talks about the StarForce stuff.

You can listen to the whole podcast at http://www.poweruser.tv

But if you just want to hear the part about StarForce and otehr game stuff here’s a direct link HERE.

Sponsored by the RUSSIAN MAFIA obviously!


Sponsored by Qt3? Never thought I’d see those words in a sentance.

It’s not really “sponsored” so much as “endorsed”. :)


ok fine, endorsed by the russian mafia!


I’d be careful about what you say to Tom. He can make people disappear. I’ve seen it happen. I’m not the first Brad Wardell!!

It’s true. Brad Wardells 1 through 3 were sabotaged and destroyed during construction. Brad Wardell 4 disappeared mysteriously 24 hours after becoming operational. Brad Wardell 5 is our last, best hope for peace.

:~( Where did Crusader go… sniff

Are there transcripts available as well? Having trouble listening to the audio-transmisions-from-web-page (instead of Apple™ iPodCasts™) since I do not have a soundcard(!?).

We prefer the term “gently touched”


Only in a place like this would the reference be remembered.