I’m looking to switch web host after my current wanker collective crashed my site and told me it was my fault. Powweb was recommended to me, does anyone have any experience with them?


I used Powweb for a while and loved 'em. The best thing is when I decided to stop using them (just didn’t need a site hosted anymore) and cancelling was 1 button click. That’s it. “Cancel service”. They promptly sent me an email saying “As you requested, your service has been cancelled. Sorry to see you go…”. So painless, with no hoops or hard sells.

Thumbs up from me.

Did you have to use their customer service at all, Mr. Poops? My current host is losing me because their CS is bloody awful. How long did you use them?

I was going to suggest you ask about CS on their forums but I see you already have. :)

What host did you use before with horrible customer service?

No, I never had to contact their CS, so I can’t speak to that, sorry.

For the past year I’ve used Canaca.com. Last Friday the site was giving a database error that Wordpress indicated was a problem with the host. I sent the host an email and was told ‘we’re working on it, please wait’. I then spent the next three days swapping email with two very rude CS people, in two different support streams, who were constantly contradicting each other. They had a backup from May 19th which I asked them to restore and when it still didn’t fix the problem they told me the software (Wordpress) is incompatible with their servers and anyway they’re not responsible when they make a mistake so fuck you that’s why.

I told them Wordpress has been running on their servers for almost a year and invited them to insert parts of their server array into themselves.

Okay, cool beans. Thanks for your input Mr. Poops. Perhaps it’s a good sign that you never needed to get into it with their customer service :)

So, Powweb was recently sold and the forums are lit up by the fireworks of people who’re having bad customer service experiences.

I’m thinking of going with Laughing Squid. They seem like they’re still small enough to care about their customers, but not so small that they don’t have the resources to help you when things explode.

I’ve had good luck with Dreamhost, their service has always been responsive, in my experience.

I liked Sitelutions, although I never had to deal with their customer service, so no idea how that is.

I’ve been with Pair for 6+ years now and their servers are so reliable that I rarely need to contact customer service. They cost a little more than these cheapie web hosts but very worth it, imo.