PPPoE problem with DSL connection

Losing my DSL connection all the time of late and wondering what the culprit is. Running a D-Link router with a DSL modem. Every hour or so, the connection flakes out and I can’t access the net. Fire up the router’s admin settings, check the status, and it shows that PPPoE is disconnected. I click connect and I’m instantly back online. For an hour or so.

So, what’s causing this? ISP or my hardware? Don’t trust my ISP to give me the right answer, so thought I’d ask here before calling tech support and hearing “Turn your modem and router off, then back on again.” Constant problem for a week now, so I can’t grab torrents or DL big files unless I sit at the computer to manually reconnect.

I have no idea if this is related to your problem, but it’s the only problem and solution I have regarding PPPoE. Maybe it’ll help: One time, I was trying to help someone who couldn’t access their webmail. The solution wound up being that because they were using PPPoE, the MTU for their connection needed to be set to 1492. I think I used a utility called Dr. TCP to change it.