Just wanted to put in a good word for this neglected 1st century AD strategy title. I don’t think it got much attention when released around 9 months ago–despite being developed by Pyro, the folks who do the Commandos games–and I was ready to be disapointed when I finally got a chance to check it out last weekend.

But I’ve found it addictive. The scenrios are well thought out; it’s easy to play, yet hard to play well; the AI isn’t bad; it’s attractive (3D, but with a 2D-ish defauilt POV); and, without using a patch (not sure if there is one) I haven’t had a single technical problem. Recommended.


I remember being underwhelmed by the demo, though the game itself was welcomed with mostly warm reviews, I think.

And isn’t it 1st century BC? The conquest of Gaul and all that…


Quite right, B.C. :)

I had the same feelings about the demo. If they’d relesed the tutorial missions instead, I might have felt differently.


I couldnt find any enjoyment in this title at all. Seemed to be a strange mish-mash of genres too.

Arise thread! Because Praetorians has been remastered.

Available at GOG if you want DRM free:

I’m rather surprised about the negativity in this thread. I thought this was a fun RTS game with some novel mechanics. I’m not sure that it was ever successful enough to warrant an HD remaster, but I’m more than happy with my purchase.

So I’ve been playing this again a bit and it’s exactly the same game as before, just with improved graphics. Everything else seems to be the same, including the amateurish voice acting; it just looks better on a modern system than the original, and it now has proper widescreen support. The units in particular are noticeably improved over the low-poly originals (already an issue in 2003); all of the textures also seem to have received some polish and the interface is now cleaner and arguably better.

But what’s more: this version of the game has controller support! This was quite surprising. What’s even more surprising is that it works quite well, once you’re used to it. The controls are different from e.g. Halo Wars, but it’s fun to play the game sitting back in my chair instead of hunched over my keyboard and mouse. As usual, I don’t think you’ll be able to compete online against someone using M+K, but for playing the campaign or a skirmish map, it’s perfect.