Praise for 'The Last Seduction'

Sula and I just re-watched this last weekend and I wanted to say it’s still really great, and if you like smart thrillers with great acting, you should try and check it out. John Dahl never got this good again. You Kill Me was okay, but it’s no Last Seduction, it’s not even Red Rock West.

I love Peter Berg’s reading of “You murdered!”

Linda Fiorintino is hot as hell in that movie.

Plus, Bill Pullman as the doctor/coke dealer in the beginning is great.

Always been a huge fan of that movie. It was robbed for an Oscar nomination because of a rule that prevented anything first distributed on cable (HBO in this case). They tried to appeal that rule but failed.

“What did you think that was - the world’s largest clitoris?”

Any film in which the femme fatale puts her cigarette out in grandma’s apple pie is OK with me.

Has Fiorintino done anything really great since this movie? I vaguely remember some hype around “Jade”. I liked seeing her in Men In Black. She does the black suit and tie look really well.

Speak not that name, lest you summon the red-headed beast whose vile visage stains the souls of all who gaze up on it!
“Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh” -Roger Daltry

IMDB has this, which makes her so much cooler than I thought she was: