Praise for the QT3 Gaming News Section

I just wanted to give TWO THUMBS up for the Gaming News section and the marvelous job that Nick Diamon has been doing. It is appreciated!

I have been on vacation all week and the news gets updated all the time. I am amazed at all the stuff that shows up!

Good job to everyone at Qt3!


Jeez, thanks! I’m doing what I can and Tom is kind enough to let me basically have carte blanche to report on the stories I find interesting. Obviously, we could just go the full Reddit route and just aggregate everything, but we really like to focus on just a few stories a day.

Kudos as well. I’ve had Qt3’s main page in my rss reader for quite some time, and I just noticed that I was finding a lot more topical stuff there than ever before. So you’re the reason!

Agreed, the daily news updates are fabulous. Thanks, Telefrog.

Plus one. Whether you present the gaming news straight up or you editorialize a bit, it’s usually funny, cogent and interesting. It’s so much better than that year when the front page wasn’t updated at all, not even the Royal Tenenbaums banner ad.

Good job! Clearly better to have a focus than to spam with everything.

Agreed. One question, if i have an account in the forums can i comment on the front page? I just ask as i had a weird experience with RPS where my forum account didn’t work for comments on their front page articles. Maybe this is normal even?

Zak, the comments section on the front page uses Disqus. This forum uses vBulletin. They aren’t at all connected. However, note that you don’t have to register to comment on Disqus. You can just comment as a guest. Registering makes it easier, of course, but folks are also welcome to chime in anonymously. As you’ll see in some of the comments for the reviews. :)

And it goes without saying that I, too, think Nick is doing a hell of a job. I’ve always appreciated his contribution to the forum, and I’m grateful that he’s lending it to the front page as well.


Yea the news stuff has been perfect.

Even though I’ve not been reading nearly everything, I have noticed the changes and must echo the sentiments. Excellent job. :)

And as I’ve learned, one advantage to the easy registration for Disqus is that you can get email notification if there’s a reply to your comment (if you so desire) so you don’t have to keep checking it at the site.