The first DDR game for the Xbox

Xbox Live support lets you download new songs, characters, dance steps and more!

All-new songs, including exclusive songs for North America, licensed songs and dance hits!

New game modes that have never appeared in any DDR game

Special “Work Out” mode allows you to have fun getting in shape - while tracking the calories you burn

“Edit” mode lets you customize dance steps for every song, develop player-specific routines and trade dance patterns with friends

The ultimate dancing game combining fun, excitement, competition, choreography and a great workout


Thank the lord in heaven above. I thought I would not live to see this day.

Boy am I glad I bought the damn PS1 deal. :?
Think it will be possible to convert those pads you recommended to me to Xbox, Wumpus?

Yeahhhh! Eat it, GameCube!

Bub: it is very likely. There are already PS2->Xbox converters; it’s a question of how they map the buttons/directions.

…and people think I’m the zealot around here. :roll:


How much is the stomping strategy going to vary between the two versions? I have been working on a tap idea from my Gregory Hines DDR Strategy Guide and am eager to try it on this new version.

I think the most important question is…

…will it have “Butterfly”?

Damn, now the XBox has two games worth playing…

The salient points here are the "edit’ mode, that people have been clamoring for for years (though it remains to be seen whether or not it can be applied to songs on the Xbox hard drive- I’m guessing ‘not’), and DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT over Live!. This keeps the game fresh fruity and fun.

Now, I just hope that that I can get our 50 lb. custom made pad to work with this version… :?

edited because I can’t see anything, apparently.

I could’ve sworn there was an “edit” mode in the PS2 version of DDR Max. Nevertheless, new downloadable songs is a good thing.

Yeah, there is

You people are scaring me…I thought DDR was a memory format. Don’t tell me you all play a game where you dance in front of your console? Is this some kind of Simon Says nightmare come alive? I hope you all are speaking sarcastically?

I’m with graller… what the hell are you guys talking about?

I nobdy’s going to be two-stepping in front of the xbox…

I’ve never understood this reaction. Then again, I’ve never understood people who knock other things I’m not interested in. Like Deer Hunter, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, or hardcore submarine simulations. Now, I’ve never played one of these games, but I’ve always thought they were a great idea. Anything that makes you use your whole body (excercise) in a game sounds good to me. It’s also a really good counter-argument to all those “games are bad for you (and kids)” articles. Since my wife is interested – I’m interested, and I imagine my daughter will love it too (eventually… she’s only 3 now). My PS1 setup arrives tomorrow and, I haven’t been this excited to try a new game in a long time. And I get new games all the time!

Now where’s my damned Para Para Paradise?

I think the most important question is…

…will it have “Butterfly”?

It better. 'Cause if it doesn’t…Pew Pew

I just think they are boring. Now that wumpus is ignoring me as I poke at him with the same tired “DDR is gay” stick, it is no fun. :wink: So, have at it, I hope it sells millions and has 10 sequels. :)

BTW, my .gif up there was courtesy of wumpus several weeks ago. He is really a tender headed…excuse me hearted fella.