Pray UBIsoft holds off EA

Looking at EA’s recent decline of good pc material (except the wonderful Spore), and the withn the utter disappoint ehnt of the next Madden game being little more of “same old crap”, add "sites zones:, add a few more monotone repeating “Madden quipps”, and SHIP!

We need a running game, and we need real stats. REAL REAL REAL stats that make a differece in the gmawe. REAL stats the impact all the simluated games and makes the results reliaistc.

Well, I’m amazined in that I’m buying 4x as many games from UBIsoft as I am from EA because they have a better variety for pc gamers. Silent Hunter III, Lock-On, IL-2 in Pacfic are 3 excellent examples.

I greatly fear if EA buys them out, all the gaming goodness we’ve been happy to have will be axed. Just like what EA did to the JANE’s team. Which tells me somthing… If you want to make a successful sim go anywhere expect EA. Cause however they “managed EA Janes”, was horrific to just abandon it. But mayby if they’d listened to what every kept telling them MAKE A DYNAMIC CAMPIGN… well coudla made a difference so EA to them to fk off.

UC the problem is that jpinard is a Sim gamer. Don´t even dare to understand Sim gamers, its worse then 13yr old CSers.

I thought the great lesson Whitta tought us all is that you shouldn’t post while drunk.

I thought Alex Handy taught us that.


Get a white suit. I like white suits.

He isn’t drunk, he has a couple of debilitating illnesses that make typing difficult. And he’s probably still better at FPS’s than me.

UC, that pic was the tits, man. Everyone go read Planetary now!

He isn’t drunk, he has a couple of debilitating illnesses that make typing difficult

Alcoholism is a debilitating disease, you know

jpinard is an alcoholic?

This thread makes me love the internet.

Maybe for you, sister.

Hehe Oops. Well Ambien plus cough syrup can do that to ya too. :oops: . Though I’ve had much worse - Demerol-induced halluciniations while in the hospital… as in, “Can someone please get those pink elephants off the ceiling?”

Sorry about the weirdness.

OK, bottom line your original point. Are you saying Ubisoft makes superior products, especially flight sims, but somehow EA is threatening the company?

As long as they keep paying my salary, they can say WHATEVER they want. I’ll even open up a 1-900 simulation phone sex number if need be…

Err, well, maybe not THAT. :roll:

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I’ll even open up a 1-900 simulation phone sex number if need be…

I wondered why you guys do nothing but bubblehead sims these days


Well here’s a newsflash. UBI was/is dropping simulations as well. We may see one more Silent Hunter and another IL2 title but that will be it. Then you can look forward to buying your sim products direct from the developers via the internet (if there are any more simulation products).

As for me ? I don’t worry about it anymore. I just pretend I am flying a simulation everytime I hitch a ride on my griffon. :wink:

For what it’s worth, jp, I kinda agreed with what I interpreted you as trying to say up there.

Yeah, I don’t trust EA one bit. I too own a lot more Ubisoft games than EA games at this point. (Splinter Cell 1 and 3 and PoP 1 versus Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath…)



Ubisoft Willing to Be Acquired

Ubisoft (UBIP.PA: Quote, Profile, Research) , Europe’s second-largest video games publisher, is in takeover talks with several parties and does not rule out being acquired by larger U.S. rival Electronic Arts (ERTS.O: Quote, Profile, Research) if offered a high enough price, the company’s chairman and chief executive said on Thursday.

“We are speaking with third parties that are interested either to merge (or to invest in the company),” Yves Guillemot told the Reuters Telecoms, Media and Technology Summit here on Thursday.

“If someone comes with a very good offer, that will be very interesting … I’m going to consider it,” Guillemot said, adding that several Chinese companies were among the suitors, although he declined to provide further details.

If EA buys Ubisoft they should just make their own console and tell Sony, MS and Nintendo to get the fuck off their lawn.