Praying mantis vs. hummingbird

No video, unfortunately.

Isn’t nature awesome? Where else can something cute like a hummingbird be impaled in mid-flight by a praying mantis?

It’s like the Aliens movies, but real. And in much smaller scale. And on Earth.

Something like this is proof that the world was created by an intelligent designer. I mean, evolution? what are the odds?!

What kind of creator would let such horrible tragedies take place? The only logical answer, then, is atheism!

The Designer favors the PRAYING mantis. Praying is apparently >humming.

If you had an ear like I do, you’d be praying rather than humming, too.

“God clearly has a sense of humor. He gave me this voice, and expects me to sing with it. But I’ve had the last laugh, because he has to listen to me.”
–Fr. Sam Todd

I think a caveman would beat an astronaut…

And a ninja could easily beat a pirate…

And my Dad could easily take yours…

I blame the asshole owners who don’t know how to train thier pets.

My praying mantis is quite docile around hummingbirds.

See? Praying mantis style is strongest.

How on earth do you train an insect to not attack potential prey?

Ha ha! Nice. :)

How on earth do you train an insect to not attack potential prey?[/quote]

You step on them.

Seems unlikely that the mantis would have actually impaled the hummingbird. Their forelimbs aren’t designed to pierce, but to grip. They have spines along the forelimb, plus hooks on the feet, and it’s more likely that these caught on the bird’s feathers and were sufficient to snare the bird and capture it. I’ve seen many a mantis do something similar with insects. Several have tried it with me - they hook onto the fabric of your shirt, and go in with jaws agape! They’re quite single-minded once they’ve grabbed onto something. This plus their permanently quizzical expression whilst wearing shades makes them very cool.

I’m normally quite accepting of insects and arachnids, but that would freak the living shit out of me.