Pre-order new Stepen Malkmus for $10.99

…in case anyone’s interested.

I know it’s not exactly Pavement, but he’s put forth some great solo stuff.

This is a really great record, by the way - I personally like it much more than any of his previous solo outings, which felt too dry compared to the ramshackle nature of Pavement. But the real story of Real Emotional Trash is the crazy 70s-by-way-of-Radiohead leads Malkmus sprays all over the songs. Clearly he’s gotten in touch with his inner guitar god.

I’m looking forward to Real Emotional Trash.

You’re right–some of his post-Pavement work has been sub par, but every album he’s released has had at least 5 or 6 really great songs and the albums as whole are listenable. I pine for the days of Wowee Zowee, but I’ll take the Jicks.

Real Emotional Trash arrived yesterday. I’ve listened to it through twice; it’s fantastic. Malkmus sort of went prog with this one; there’s only 10 songs, but they’re long. It’s almost a jam band sound, which is a good thing if you’re into that.

I’ve only played it once but I had mixed feelings. Need more listens.


I really want to like this disc, because it has some of the best songwriting moves of SM’s career…but then he’ll start noodling around and his questionably-skilled band sounds like a bizzaro-inept version of “Drama”-era Yes playing Spin Doctors outtakes and my ears want to throw up. More “Newark Wilder” and “Spit On A Stranger” and less…doodling, please.