Pre-Owned PS2's and Gamecubes are at Eb's? Are they safe?

At my local EB’s they have the pre-owned PS2 and Gamecubes for sale. I haven’t seent he price tag on these consoles but I’m wondering if it’s worth it? I did notice on the box that they ar under warranty for a year, so I figure that you can’t go wrong.

Also… I posted this topic because I’ve seen some forum members asking for the best deals on today’s hot consoles and I figure that i would let them know about the sale of the used consoles over at EB’s.


Used consoles are usually fine though EB usually only charges $20 less than new which isn’t that great. You’d actually do better on Ebay in most cases for a used console or if you have a local retailer that deals in used, try there.

With all the bundling deals flying around this Holiday season, you might do better with new provided you want the games included in the bundle. Keep your eye on the Toys R Us, Best Buy, K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart and Circuit City fliers through the season for the best deals.


Yeah, EB charges like $180 which is too much. Babbages charges $10 less and you can get them online from and other places for $170 too. I found mine at a pawn shop and talked them down to $150 plus a free game. I think Ebay is a fools game, though. Once you factor in the unjustified shipping charge most tack on…

Ebay bidders are hilariously stupid. $210 for a used PS2?

I saw people on eBay bid a used VIDEO STORE tape copy of STRANGE BREW (video must have been manufactured in the '80s and watched by hundreds since then) up to something like $50, when if they had looked on Amazon or anywhere else was available BRAND NEW for $9.95.

fucking idiots!

The bidding process is inherently unfair to the buyers-- the price is set by the most optimistic (eg, the stupidest) person. The larger the audience, the worse it gets.

eBay is great for selling stuff though.

And if you’re buying-- if supply/demand favors you , and/or you are very patient, you can get some great deals.

I just picked up a pre-owned N64 from Eb two days ago. It comes with a free not-preowned game (Perfect Dark, Conker’s, or one other choice). So I got that plus PD for $30, then bought a non-preowned Conker’s for another $10. $20 later from I have a preowned rumble pack and memory expansion also (used for PD) and I’m all good. $60 to play some great games on a decent past-gen console. Once I’ve beaten the games, I figure I can sling the whole thing on EBay for $50 or so (people are selling mem-expansions alone for $20). Nice.

“And if you’re buying-- if supply/demand favors you , and/or you are very patient, you can get some great deals.”

yeah, despite the $50 rental store tape example i gave above, i just won an auction for an out of print book that sells from online used book dealers from $35 - $100. i paid $6 for a good copy (including shipping). i think this was because the seller forgot to put the name of the author anywhere in the auction listing.

A lot more expensive on their website. EB website, you have to pay $50 for that combo. Without shipping!

Yes, that’s a key to buying used at EB. You’ll almost always get a better deal in the store than you will online. I picked up SSX for $10 used at a local EB Games and it was like new. At the time it was still $14.99 online. Also, beware the used games from the website. At the store, you can rest assured what you’re getting includes the manual and box (if you want it) and you can check the disc yourself. If you buy from EB’s website, there’s no telling what condition games will be in. With cartridges, it’s not so big a deal, but for PSOne/PS2/Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox, etc. I prefer to hold the thing in my hand before I buy.

Ebay on the other hand is usually fine for used games because a good seller will have good pictures for you to decide if it’s worth paying for or not. I’ve only been burned once on Ebay by a guy who didn’t mark his game “rental copy” and I didn’t ask. :x