Prebuilt config check

200mm fans are becoming a thing now too. I still maintain that dumb GPU exhaust is the only reason PCs get hot :)

I had one a few builds ago. It was a bit of a pain. 200mm is nearly the side to side width of some cases, so placement is a pain in the rear. It’s also so wide you have to be careful that nothing gets near it: cables, dropped pens/pencils, kitten paws, etc.

Right I feel case design has a little catching up to do.

It would be nice if GPUs could have a direct intake/exhaust route to outside air like PSUs do, but that’s a lot easier to design with PSU’s since their form factors and cooling solutions are standardized boxes and gaming cards need all those Optimus Prime RGB cooling solutions for the extra FPS for GAMING.

Yes, that’s a difficult problem. You can’t just duct the air because there’s really nowhere for it to exhaust right next to the GPU, you’ve got PCIe slot covers but nowhere to put a fan. Even if you engineered a fan to fit across a couple PCIe slot covers, it would be one small-ass loud fan.

For intake it could be something like the NZXT H1 case with the video card intake fans up against a mesh side panel to get fresh air (YMMV with RTX 30xx Founder’s Edition designs, heh), but you still have that wimpy exhaust out through the PCIe slot backplate, made a little worse probably with the H1 exhausting that hot air out through the bottom to be trapped a bit under the case instead of out the side.

I think you need to duplicate the Series X on its side basically, and have front to back airflow passing through heatsinks sticking up and down from CPU and GPU. A single 200 mm fan should do it :)

Yes, but how do you do that with a standard GPU with integrated cooling? You can’t.

Right, I have improved it. You are all welcome.

Definitely one 200 in the front and another in the back.

Just borrow Wumpus’ dremel, and make some exhaust holes in the side of the case.

Why not 240s? Cowards.

Run tubing from the holes in your monitor, of course. Even more airflow!

Now we’re just reaching obnoxious fan dimensions.

This is a 240 I think:

Check that … I think I found our winner.


You can’t fool me, that’s not a PC, that’s an aircon unit.

I kind of wish it was a joke. I imagine some engineer just said, “fuck it, how big of a fan can we mount on the side of this thing?!?” When it runs does it push enough air to cause the case to be unstable?

If they don’t have another one in a push-pull config, they are doing it wrong

I think that’s probably the case no matter what.