Precipitation = Snow = Ice Age

If this kind of rainfall should occur in freezing temperatures, many of these states below will be snap-frozen under thirty feet of snow this winter.

If you want to know how much snow would fall if a rainstorm should change to snow, just add a zero. (One inch of rain - add a zero - will turn to 10 inches of snow.) Rainfall has increased so dramatically that I’m only including accumulations of 1-1/2 inches or more.

Snowfall in the east far above normal.

Here are the normal winter snowfall totals (October to May) as compared
to last winter’s (2001-02) totals.

Washington, DC
Normal: 15.2" – This year: 40.4"
Boston, MA
Normal: 44.5" – This year: 71.3"
New York City
Normal: 22.4" – This year: 49.3"
Rochester, NY
Normal: 100.3" - This year: 135.2"
Albany, NY
Normal: 62.7" – This year: 105.4"

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