Precursors: Derek Smart is going to be mad

Saw this on blues. The video basically makes it look like it’s attempting something similar to the 3000AD line of re-releas… er, games. Except they actually make it look fun. I just hope it’s not as buggy as their last game, although since it’s coming to the 360 as well, it may lead to tougher certification and ultimately better results.

I don’t get it. When is Derek not mad?

— Alan

When the Internet consists entirely of sycophants and the coke machines dispense bliss for free…

I miss Derek. He was always very nice to me.

what is he up to these days anyways?

edit: nevermind. look, this document is CLASSIFIED!

Probably on working on the next rehash of BC3000. How many is he up to now?

I give Derek credit for not giving up, whatever that’s worth. He’s like the Uwe Boll of game development.

I do like how none of the follow up posts address the game, though.

Oh about 2 years ago I recall the Taco Commander talking about making a Halo killer for the Xbox and then a year after that some blatherings about an MMOG based on his BC “franchise”.

The good doctor has merrily been adding media improvements to his game (mainly through outsourced artists) and selling them as new games. I’d spew the usual vitriol at this point, except a) BC3000ad generally no longer looks or plays like ass these days, and b) Milo just did this with Starshatter, so it must be all right.

I saw the title of the thread and hoped it may be news on a Star Control sequal. Moving along…

Oh this is by the Boiling Point people. That makes things a bit sketchy… but with a 360 release, they HAVE to make a stable game.

Yeah but a 100+ meg download for a 2 minute trailer. What the fuck people?

Keeping in theme with the title of the game, the video was encoded in a precursor to anything reasonably modern-- namely Indeo 4.


I will buy this game just to thank them for trying.

Boiling Point does actually run on my new system, so I might go back to it once Gothic is out the way. I restarted Oblivion with some texture mods and the open cities mod on this machine, which was pretty fantastic, then Just Cause came along. A good time for open world devotees :)

… and millennia later, some new screens (via RPGWatch):

Not state of the art perhaps, but looks interesting :)

I am the only person in the world who is interested in this…

Gamershell had some new screens, and actually, who was the last person to do an open world with factions SF RPG…? When faced with Tolkofantasy on all sides, I have to say I’m actually getting more interested in this.

The screens don’t do much for me, but I’m certainly happy to see another SF RPG out there. I hope they pull it off. I’m just not getting into the aesthetics, and it’s more than just graphics quality. Still, if the gameplay is good, I can overlook that.

i like the concept but half the screenshots

seem to be a guy wandering around a planet checking out the fauna. that’s not really what i want in a sci fi rpg. maybe that’s all they’ve come up with.

Well, after the hilarity that was Boiling Point I’m taking their efforts with a bit more erm, detachment. I’m sure I’ll pick it up when it comes out, though.

Boiling Point v 2.0 was a great game.There were still some bugs, but the ambition alone was incredible, and they pulled it off in the end.I mean, the game came out few years before FarCry 2, was much larger offering many more things to do, made with just a fraction of FC2’s budget…games like that do not have it easy.

I am looking forward to playing Precursors and White Gold, if they actually come out in in the west (White Gold is out in Russia already).

Btw I loved FC2 and have collector’s of it, but BP was really even more ambitious.