Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black

Yes, apparently that’s a thing. I’m intrigued.

The Hollywood Reporter today brings word that Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s Shane Black will write and direct a Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox!

According to the trade, Black is directing and writing the treatment for the film, which will then be scripted in full by Fred Dekker (with whom Black worked on Monster Squad).

Black has had a long history with the Predator franchise, having cameoed in the 1987 original.

There’s no word on the extent to which the new film will tie into the existing franchise, nor is there any confirmation as to when this reboot might fit into Black’s schedule.

Hhmmmmmmmmm…loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but Iron Man 3 was…alright…

Shane Black didn’t cameo in Predator. He had a full part. Speaking lines, a death, etc.

Man, I was going to make a post called “Hawkins rewrites history - Shane Black to direct Predator reboot” and everything. Sigh.

Predator is one of my all time favorite films, a timeless classic I re-visit almost annually, and a franchise my son has fallen in love with as well. I’m actually pretty stoked about this, it feels like these guys could really make something great that pours new life into the mythos. Hopefully.

And then, he can go on to become governor of a state.

I know it’s a reboot, but I’m completely down for this.

Hollywood going back to the 80’s well to fuck up more classic movies…yay.

Predator does not need a reboot. There is no way this can possibly be better. Next we’ll find out they’re going to reboot then holiest of holy sci-fi films Aliens and star Kristen Stewert as Ripley. UGH!!!

Nah, its fine. Kids in general have no interest in movies from before (Sample group of many kids in middle-class suburbs and several 2-9th grade classes in Denmark) the year 2000, so this way we can get some of the great stories to them as well, and see how a new directors vision of a movie looks like.

If you don’t want to have your memories of a specific title ruined, just don’t watch it, and you’ll retain those wonderful childhood memories.

I think this is a good thing. After a rash of b grade sequels, it looks like they want to give this reboot a chance at blockbuster status.

I’m picturing glimpses of the trailer now:

  • Charming ironic one liner about getting to the chopper as the team travels to the staging area in street clothes
  • Shane Black as the base commander tells multiple pussy jokes
  • Gwendoline Christie wields a minigun
  • Numerous bass drop sound effects
  • Chris Pine, the main character, shoots a futuristic knife gun at a bad guy; a CGI iron man style helmet wraps around his head, and he says “stick around”
  • Some sort of love triangle with Anna Kendrick
  • A commando team looks through night vision goggles, then in a shocking twist, a glimpse of the predator emerging from mud to avoid detection
  • Final close up shot of the predator; nostrils are clearly visible

What is there to reboot? “Invisible alien with vagina dentata face shows up, starts killing dudes with guns, violence ensues, mano a mano showdown, final quip, roll credits.” How hard is that?

That’s hilarious. Someone writing for the Reporter hasn’t seen Predator!

So, serious question: Why do you have so much fondness for Predator? And why does your son like it so much? I’d love to hear more about what makes it work for you guys. For me, it’s a weird confluence of sci-fi horror (much of which I suspect is lifted from this crappy movie, which features the exact same actor wearing the monster suit!) and 80s Schwarzenggar testosterone. Why does it hold up for you guys?


The music. And I’m a sucker for that style of ending credits.

It may be easier to ask why people like 80s action movies.

Reference article:

Oh man, I didn’t realize this but Kevin Peter Hall, the actor in the Predator suit, died in 1991 from complications due to AIDS contracted from a blood transfusion. He was 35. He got put in monster suits a lot, including the mutant bear in Prophecy, Big Foot in Harry and the Hendersons, the alien predator in Without Warning, and the alien predator in Predators 1 and 2. The dude was 7’2". That’s right, 7’2".

RIP, Kevin Peter Hall. You terrified me when I was a kid, and there’s not much more a horror buff could ask for.


I’m imagining the Predator doing full VO over the movie, providing an ironic meta-commentary on the action.

“River mud. Yes, river mud. Let’s just say it wasn’t one of my better days.”

Sounds like this is NOT a reboot, IGN is reporting Black is setting the record straight and it’s a full on sequel.


For me (and many of my friends, and now my son) Predator is a superb piece of sci-fi horror, with non-stop fun in each and every scene. From Arnold and Weathers characters’ reunion all the way to the infamous urging of Arnold to get to the safety of the chopper (which, a little trivia, was being piloted by Kevin Peter Hall, LOL). I feel like the special effects still hold up very well (I’d love to see some modern action shots now a days though, watching people fire automatic rifles from the hip is extra painful these days, granted), the characters and the situation they are thrown in, the Predator himself couldn’t be better (thank God they didn’t stick with Van Damme) and the finale is thrilling every damn time I see it. Which is probably a dozen times now.

And it’s probably the most quoted movie of my teenage years, and I still quote the shit out of it. Classic film for me.

I always thought it was Van Damme in the Predator suit?

Anyway, Predator was a great movie, the first one anyway.

Aimed fire from the shoulder would have ruined the movie.