Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


Predator 2 is amazing. It’s an excellent and worthy sequel with a slightly different tone, but a whopper of an ending. Don’t forget the trophy head in the predators’ ship!


Hmmm. Not sure that’s the tone I’m looking for in a Predator movie.

MCU humour, really?


The very last scene is “What’s this shit?” Well there was very little chance I was going to see this in theater but now… I am only going if I am dragged by someone I like enough to allow the dragging.


I don’t like to read review for anything before I get to experience it myself and form my own opinions, to easy for someone else’s issue to color your own experiences. I’ll check out reviews after I see it.


I had my laptop volume on 12 (out of 100) and still didn’t make it more than 20 seconds into that video, a great showcase for why text will never die.


To each their own, of course. Jeremy Jahns’ intro is loud. And he is animated when he speaks. But he is a decent reviewer with views on movies I find useful personally.

He’s also generally very careful about spoilers. You shouldn’t get more than you saw in the trailers in his review

That said, I like text too. It’s just sometimes nice to listen to someone speaking about a movie while you are busy doing something else.


This just clicked for me: an ex-child predator appearing in The Predator. Irony meter is going off the chart.

Having said that, IMO once he has served his time, he must be given a chance, otherwise we may as well lock up criminals forever. If he regreted his crime and is on the straight and narrow since his release, there is no reason not to hire him if he is a good enough actor. And he isn’t even working with kids, just Olivia Munn. Maybe Shane Black should have been more forthcoming with the cast, crew and the studio though.


Predator is a hot hot mess. The cast is surprisingly good together, though their characters have zero development and are completely disposable. I couldn’t tell you the names of any of the characters in the movie other than Boyd Holbrook’s “McKenna” and that’s only because the predator says it 3 times to help you remember.

Shane Black is on point with the dialogue and humor, but the story, tone, pacing and editing are all suffering from dissociative identity. Predator can’t decide if it wants to be a comedy, horror, action, or marvel movie. It is not a good movie. It’s not even a good Predator movie, but somehow I still had fun watching it. That said, can we please go back to making the predator scary, invisible, and leave the kids, dogs, and scientists out.


Ive seen it. I’m now looking forward to the PREDATOR: The Opsis.


Predator was a really bad movie. Is remembered because it was innovative, but it was shit.

This reboot/nostalgiaexplotation thing is going to be even worse. Like a 90’s sitcon.


Cut. It. Out.


Oh no you didn’t!


You’re hit, man! You’re bleeding.


Just got back from seeing it with the boy. It’s a rental if you’re bored, having nothing better to watch, and are in the mood for a mindless action film with Olivia Munn going from scientist to kick-ass warrior goddess in 2-3 seconds.


Trying to figure which of these opinions is the most wrong.


I think we should mix the Predator and Stargate universes. So that the different pyramids belong to different alien races and then they all show back up and once and Jagers and shit just gets real.

It goes without saying that Predator is amazing.

It’s very good; less than the original but this is not a slight (the original was first after all, and actually quite clever). There are many things about it I love though. The setup of the universe is amazing. The gangs are extraordinarily well armed and this is shown off in numerous early confrontations with police and each other.
Seriously, they’re better armed than both the teams Dillon sent after the original beast, and he wasn’t skimping on gear. The area of LA represented is practically a war zone. The police headquarters is surrounded by anti-vehicle thingies and other defensive structures and there’s this palpable feeling that the police are being pushed back by the superior firepower and ruthelessness of the gangs. It’s the perfect hunting zone for a Predator; dangerous but rife with high value targets. Harrigan’s team is excellently written and acted (Blades, Paxton, and 80s queen Maria Conchita Alonso). I love how collected and composed the veterans are and Paxton’s asshole newbie still fits in great.

And then Gary Busey shows up with a young Adam Baldwin in tow!

I watched a good bit of it recently and it holds up marvelously. I wish Robert Davi had been in it more.


@Teiman only likes Ingmar Bergman and early Orson Welles. He has a vision that the rest of us don’t share.


My wife and daughter love the first move (because it’s amazing, natch) and wanted to watch the second one before we see the new one tomorrow afternoon. So, I picked up a blu-ray copy for $7 on Amazon and yeah, it holds up damned well. My wife pointed out the movie is pretty cheesy, but I think that’s more the product of the era is was made in than the story or anything. I actually really like the characters and the overall plot, and of course every time the Predator shows up it’s a party.


Just finished watching it. I went in expecting garbage. I laughed a lot, the action was good, the quips quippy.

What did you all expect from Predator part 6? This was as good as it could be. 4 stars.


You mean part 4? AvP does not count in my book.