Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


I was expecting total garbage based on the original trailer.

Our showing was canceled with a couple of hours notice for “technical reasons”, but I think the actual reason was that they’d only sold two tickets. That meant we had to downgrade to seeing it in 3d in another theater. So some additional bad signs there.

The movie itself is bizarre. The first half is basically back-to-back quips (and pretty good ones too). It’s like Marvel’s The Predator. Nothing at all like the grimdark trailer. And then the second half is just a sequence of the shoddiest action sequences you can imaginee. And holy mother forking shirt balls that ending…

But hey, The Predator (or Predator - Upgrade as it’s titled here) wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen this year. Maybe even not bottom three. So expectations exceeded.


Oh, so you’ve seen the Meg? :P


I enjoyed The Meg more than The Predator. This film is godawful.


We disagree with the general consensus and thought it was a lot of fun and looked great to boot! Great popcorn flick, just like the previous entries. Some of the story beats I thought were very interesting…


The original Predator was a very good McTiernan directed action movie (whatever Teiman thinks) where hardened soldiers are fighting for their lives against a deadly invisible enemy.

It had one liners and memorable lines. But, at its heart, it was a greated hunter / hunted flick.

The new one sounds like it’s gone for non-stop quips and humour. A Predator that’s not nearly as intimidating. And soldiers who don’t care anyway.

It might be a fun popcorn movie. But do we need even Predator movies to be MCU-like humour fests?

What next? Same treatment for an Alien movie?

Of course, I haven’t seen it yet. So I concede that you are speaking with more knowledge about it than I do!

I might rent it when it comes out. But nothing I’ve heard in this thread or elsewhere is making this sound like a worthy Predator sequel. That’s a bit sad.


That’s an interesting idea- was Black basing his approach on the marines in Aliens?


I wholeheartedly agree on the first.

The new one isn’t what you are describing. Not at the level you ascribe, at least.

E: Now that I’m not in the car replying on my phone, I can clarify a bit - there isn’t more humor here than in Predator 2, for instance. Generally speaking, there isn’t much to make light of, and the characters know it. Most humor is said from a place of fear. Some fun lines for sure, here and there, but nothing much different than the jokes Bill Paxton drops, for instance. It’s not really “fun” like an MCU film, partly because you just know most of these characters are doomed, so I’m not sure where that comparison comes from.

And when the action gets going, it’s brutal, violent, and gory. No punches are pulled, and it’s very like the first two in that regard.

I will add - if anyone ever thought any Predator film would top the original, that’s unlikely. And, as a continuation of the existing lore, I found it really interesting indeed.


Thanks for the extended write up. I appreciate the alternative viewpoint and that doesn’t sound as bad as I’ve been reading and hearing.


I’m planning to watch the Predator next sunday. Is it worth to watch?


LOL! Right?


The issue with Predator and Alien is they aren’t scary anymore. You can’t make that same story again. They tried with the last one, where they dropped some dudes on the Predator planet. It sucked.

I maintain that this was as good as it could be. I laughed a lot, I said Oh Shit! more than once, and the actors were action movie good, even Key. Or was that Peele? Anyway he was good with his Murdock-like buddy.


Agree, though these fims with the exception of the first Alien movie, were always more an action movie than horror/slasher to me.


The family and I saw it this morning - I think it’s a lot of fun and does several things good, a few things perfectly, and some things were mishandled. I have a few problems with the main story, the more I think about it the sillier it is, but I overall enjoyed the movie enough I’m glad I saw it in theaters and didn’t just watch it in my living room. It’s better approached as a sci-fi action film than a horror/monster movie, but I’ve felt that way about all of the Predator films.


Yeah I don’t think Predator was ever meant to be a horror movie - it was an action movie vehicle for Schwarzenegger, featuring what was supposed to be a cool looking alien. Except the original version looked ridiculous - it would have been more of a comedy if Stan Winston hadn’t saved the day with his design.

They’ve both become such cultural icons now, though, that you’re right. Still, I can’t help but feel it could be done with the right approach. Alien is still an effective horror movie even now, regardless of the creature that’s in it. I’m not sure there’s much incentive left to do that though. We need another HR Giger.


All we really needed was a Predator film in the vein of the first two - a powerful, advanced alien hunting a group of highly trained human killers, but the twist this movie could have been a female lead. I’d have thought that would be a no-brainer, something along those lines. I do like they tried to evolve the story/lore of the Predators though, a little.


This movie is starting to get some dire cred!


I always like a female lead. My thought is though: Why do we remake old movies that are great? So lets just remake “To kill a mockingbird”. I know its about money but… Predator was just good. I mean the stars in that film. I just watched that Oceans 8 remake --god I love Sandra and cate but that movie was crap.




It was also in the

It was also in the 80s. It’s old. A knew movie can introduce new fans to an old idea. I mean some people are still unhappy with with the Beauty and Beast Live Action which is basically the animated movie except for 6, y and 9 year olds… that’s their Beauty and the Beast. To some kids, their Willy Wonka is Johnny Depp and a weirdo Disco munchkin.

It’s not always a play t nostalgia which is why some of our movies get a lower rating to actually cater to kids.


What if Predator was in Oceans 8?