Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


I dunno guys. Maybe I should adjust for this new age and ask: “So how is the new Predator?” Maybe its super good.

My thought is it can’t be better than the original. Have we actually had a remake in the last 5 years better than an original?


It, maybe?


It’s not as good as the original. It’s probably the 3rd best of the 6 movies with Predator in it. 4th best if we’re counting Alien vs Predator vs Batman.


Man that was interesting. I will have to watch the full 3 hour version of that interview, Steve Johnson is awesome.


My spies finished collecting feedback about this movie*

The feedback is “this movie is so bad, you wonder if it was made in the 80’s”.

I don’t know if thats positive or negative.

* I have not watched it, I am only reporting on what this spy report says.


This doesn’t make sense, given Predator, one of the finest films ever made, was from the 80’s.


It’s the Predator movie an alien would make if the only thing it knows is 80’s movies.
So yeah it’s “80’s” in the sense that it has all the elements without actually understanding what made them work.


I agree, but I don’t think that’s what Teiman meant, is the thing.


Eighties movies are often ridiculous in certain ways, especially the dialogue but that doesn’t mean they are all bad.


When I see a plothole in a movie, I feel is a secret message between the director and me, where he insult my intelligence.


It’s 80’s in the action, especially the base assault at the start of the movie. I watched it recently and it felt like I was watching an episode of the A-Team, right down to explosions going off behind the bad guys and conveniently throwing them into the air and over the camera. It did get better after that, but the original movie has a lot more cheese than I remembered.


I remember the first time I was watching Predator, that was my reaction too. It seemed like a bad, cheesy action flick. And then the Predator shows up, and starts hunting the team, and it just felt so claustraphobic and I still didn’t like it. The jungle felt like a set, not like a real jungle, and the lines were so cheesy.

But then only Arnold is left and he falls in the water, and the whole movie becomes different. I loved the rest of the movie, and I loved the whole movie every time I rewatched it because I knew what was coming and what was being set up in the first half of the movie.


Ok, watched this in retail. Olivia Munn looks very much like a person I know in RL, so that is kind of weird. Other than that, it got a lot of Shane Blackism in it (i.e. witty banter). There is a climate change message in it so it is very progressive.

The whole Predator no, sports hunter mythology is not at all taken seriously. It is all pulp sci-fi at this point. This I don’t mind at all. btw Predators (2010) is underated IMO, it got a lot of the original vibe. This is more a Predator 2 vibe (set in urban area).

IMO definitely worth a rental.


If thou gaze long into a plothole, the plothole will also gaze into thee.


It’s funny that I see the movie in the opposite way. I love the beginning of the original when we’re introduced to the team and their whole complicated backstory is hinted at from time to time.

Dutch explaining to Dillon that the team has morals:
“Why’d you pass on Libya?”
“We’re a rescue team, not assassins.”

Pancho’s moment of hesitation in the jungle while Dutch calms him:
“Remember Afghanistan?”
“Trying to forget. Let’s go.”

Mac’s eulogy to Blain recalling a night in Vietnam where they were the only survivors out of their whole platoon:
“Real number ten night, remember?”

Love it! The point of the film when the team is lost and only Dutch remained, while still very cool, began to feel more like a typical Arnie action flick to me.


I thought it was Crap


Yeah, the original Predator is much more enjoyable prior to solo-Arnold. The Jagged Alliance 2 attack on the camp was one of the only 80s action scenes involving a solo/small group wiping out a much larger one that seemed remotely plausible. They were a fun crew. Well, other than Shane Black - killing him off was fine, but I wish the rest made it.


Has this been posted yet? Probably.


This is so not worth a rental. 99 cents lost to this stupidity. I did have to rewind to see how one of the main characters died because it was so fast and so stupid I just didn’t believe.

I’ve got a great idea too, let’s all become better hunters by injecting ourselves with tiger’s blood or something… oh wait, that’s some other dumbass movie also know as The Titan Netflix, sort of.


Wait, so you don’t find it funny, at all? I loled at all the Shane Black touches. Like the ragtag “group 2” dynamic. And Olivia Munn played it complelely straight at some comedy moments, like the sleeping beauty scene, and towards the predator dog.

All that Predator sci-fi crap (“sports hunter”) is just piss poor, but it was redeemed by the comedy IMO. That Santa holiday short basically “got” this movie completely. It is a sci-fi comedy!