Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


Wizkid hacker duh.


That’s a character bio; my question is intended to be philosophical along the lines of “why would someone make a decision to include a child character in a predator movie”. Which is rhetorical, because yeah I know that it can’t really be answered by anyone here.

If this kid quips once I walk out of the theater I swear to Bob.


I was hoping the two in front were family props of some kind and the real characters are the ones in the back.


It’s Shane Black so…


Pass until Netflix confirmed.


The last two Shane Black movies have two great kid sidekicks, so I’m ok with this.


Olivia Munn is really pretty but don’t know why she keeps getting cast.


I thought she was pretty good in Newsroom, but that might just have been the Sorkin dialogue…


A little bit hidden in this story here about the kid:


Yeah, this is all for the original movie, but that thread is a million years old so I’m putting this here.

We needed two different Predator suits. One is the suit that when you can see him and one’s the suit where you couldn’t see him, which was a kind of a hold-out suit. It was all red so when we shot it in the jungle we could pull a matte off of it. Probably a couple weeks before we needed the Predator a box comes. And we open it up and it looks like a giant red rubber chicken. It’s pretty hard to have the most deadly alien from outer space coming to hunt man and it looks like a f—ing chicken unless you’re doing a comedy. The real suit came shortly thereafter and it wasn’t any better. So we shot some tests with it and it became quite obvious that this was a disaster.[/quote]


Because there is no god.


This is fascinating. Thanks!


Pushed back to Sept 14th, now competing with the It sequel.




Arnold better at least get a cameo in this so he can say “Get to the CHOPPA!!!”


That did not look great.


So the predator basically looks the same? I didn’t expect that, though I guess it is kind of iconic.


That looks pretty bad. Is that Olivia Munn again? Geez, has she ever taken an acting class? Cosplay doesn’t count.


Well, color me very interested. That looks super cool!


A kid. Why did there have to be a kid?