Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


Don’t Starve.


I paused on that scene. One monitor has Don’t Starve Reign of Giants, the other monitor has World of Goo.


I must have missed World of Goo in the concentrated amount of suck that trailer consisted of.


Edit: Just realized you could look at this as a comment directed at you but I actually just mean: “look at how bad this is”.


Say what you want about the trailer: Kid has pretty good taste in video games.


Took under 3 seconds (the contrived halloween scene with the giggling laugh track of kids) to confirm this movie will be the usual hammy nonsense from Shane Black.


These two would like to have a talk with you about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, written and directed by Mr. Shane Black and starring Robert Downeys Juniors and Vallie Kilmers.


I’ve seen all his movies. They all have the same hammy notes and absurd contrivances. At least he can’t screw up anything of value as long as he’s quarantined in this worthless series.


Wow, hate for both Predator and Shane Black’s entire filmography?!

So bizzare to read. I watched Long Kiss Goodnight just yesterday (first time after about two decades since last seeing it) and it was fun (blonde Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson awesome as always). And Last Boy Scout is one of the greatest films evar. Yea they are not “important filmmaking” but I have yet to see a Shane Black film that I don’t enjoy (and I have seen them all…except Edge and The Monster Squad, apparently).

This Predator trailer looks so bad though…still, benefit of the doubt for now.


Trailer looks like shit. Probably a normal kid in autistic-face.


I like the original Predator and don’t despise any of the movies featuring Predators, but they haven’t been used well since at least the first sequel.

FYI “his films” generally refers to directed films, not ones where he’s otherwise contributed. I don’t hate any of his films - he’s good with character moments. Just also find them cringe-worthy at times.


I’m shocked that you find anything redeemable about the execrable AvP 2!


Not much - some of the violent kills, I guess, after the PG first one, which was just really boring. But I vaguely recall the gory was just kinda gross and rote too. The worst indictment of the AvP movies (and Predators), is that I can’t remember 3 scenes from any of those movies. It doesn’t seem as hard as they’re making it to make an enjoyable Alien hunter movie. Some of the Alien vs Predator comics were decent too - certainly far better than the movies, at least.


Yes, I have several of the Dark Horse comics, mostly Aliens but I think I read at least one AvP one, and they’d have made far better sequels than we ended up with for both franchises.


AvP is one of the rare cases where the games are way, way better than the movies.


I’m so fucking excited for this.


This appears to be something of a plot change as well, similar but different. Good enough for me for sure.


I will watch this thing.


So that was a fun movie…oh wait it’s just another trailer that shows us the whole thing again.


Well it looks better at least, but the kid is still there.