Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


What the hell did they do to the predator mask :(

It looks like plastic piece of shit, horrible design

Vagina rated E for everyone was funny in a cringe way

Looks somewhat decent otherwise I guess


Still too much Newt, but I guess they want to have something for Olivia Munn to protect instead of making her fodder a warrior. Who knows though, maybe the twist will see her becoming the Ripley of the new Predator series.

I look forward to watching all those people get killed.


Come on, man, spoilers!


It’s gotta be better than the other sequels! he says foolishly.


Well it’s R-rated so in theory they’re at least not trying to sell a ton of toys to kids.


Well, adults buy a lot of toys too. Or so I have been told. :)


Haha, well I think we have an action figure topic around here somewhere too. I don’t blame adults for that. I just think when they took two rated-R alien franchises and jammed them into a PG-13 slot… that was part of the downhill travel. I don’t even like gross but the feel was different too.


Well, now I know what’s scarier than Predators.


Someone should have told me to stop watching the trailer after 30 seconds cause it gives way too much away. Argghhh, why must Hollywood do that? The twist of that other thing being there would have been a fun surprise.

They need to start doing this kind of thing: Rated S for Spoilerish


You aren’t wrong… but also the poster gives that away anyway.


I’m amazed this is a trailer from the same movie as that awful teaser.


Kids in Shane Black movie are getting better. From Last Action Hero (totally underrated meta action movie) to Iron Man 3, to The Nice Guys, there is an upward trend. So I’m hopeful.


I actually like all those movies… .although Iron Man 3 is more of a tolerate than a like. I haven’t seen it again since the first time. I’ve seen 1 a few dozen times in comparison. This last trailer does look good… I just can’t easily get the taste of the teaser trailer out of my mouth, not yet anyway.


I love Last Action Hero so much. So damn much. Even with that (intentionally! so that makes it ok) annoying kid. It has Arnie at the top of his game, fucking amazing Charles Dance villain, Bridgette Wilson, F. Murray Abraham, awesome action, fun references…such a shame it flopped but I will always love it.


The kid in Last Action Hero is the best kid in a Shane Black movie. It’s been steady downhill since. I’m ranking the Predator reboot kid at the bottom just cause.


I had no idea there were fans of Last Action Hero. I watched it in the theater and was so devastated. And then three years later I watched it again, just to make sure it was actually bad, and it was! There’s no way you guys will trick me into giving it a third chance.


180, you stupid spaghetti slurping cretin, 180! If I did a 360, I’d go completely around and end up back where I started!

How anyone can dislike this movie is beyond me, so sad

Could I speak to the drug dealer of the house, please?


I remember not liking it in theaters, but later watched it again and realized it was going for a much different tone than I’d expected. I thought it was going to be a big summer block buster action movie (and, really, it was) but it’s more a comedy played for laughs, and when I embraced that I loved it big time. I should watch it again, the clips you provided don’t ring many bells, but I enjoyed the hell out of them.


I always looked at Last Action Hero as a kind of a love letter to the action films of the eighties, it both parodies and pays homages while actually managing to be a great action film of its own - McTiernan really knew how to direct. And since I grew up on those films and was Arnie’s die hard fan, seeing this film was kind of a dream come true - I think I was 10 when I saw it first, could identify with Danny, the idea of being inside an action film like that…awesome. And then those scenes stepping outside the movie into real world, where Bad Ass Slater tries to get inside a car by breaking its window Terminator-style, only to hurt his hand…and how the tone of the film shifts and it becomes so serious…I love it.


Yeah, when I watched in the theater in 93, I also expected a good action movie, and felt like I didn’t get one. And then I watched it again in 96, thinking I’d like it now that I knew it was a comedy, but that time I remember not finding it funny.

I guess to be fair, it has been 22 years since I last saw it. Maybe my humor module has changed since then.