Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


I’ve been thinking about re-watching Last Action Hero. When I saw it, I was old enough to recognize that there was a lot going on that I missed, but not enough to actually understand it.


Saw the trailer last night and this looks like it’s going to suck badly. The original is a classic and still holds up today. Does not need a remake.


Agree 100%. That’s why I’m glad it’s not getting a remake.


I assumed it was a remake. The trailer had at least one scene straight out of the first movie. Well whatever it is, does not need to be made. :)


I’ve never understood this sentiment. It’s not as if the new movie can somehow tarnish the original, either it’s great and you’ll be glad to have it or you don’t like it after all and hey, no harm. Don’t even go see it! Never see it at all, in fact, and your life will continue as if nothing happened. It’s not like they are asking you to kick start it or show up to help with lighting or craft services, after all.

Not directed at you and this film in particular, just something I wonder every time someone gets upset an old movie is getting a long in the making sequel, reboot, or remake.


I can understand it, why spend time, money and effort digging up old material that’s been churned to hell and back already? Why not take a shot at something new and original? Oh yeah, ha ha, Hollywood, I forgot.


Says you. To a studio, money-making franchises/IP is hard to come by, and need to be milked ;)


They did a good job trying to do that with Terminator.


I disagree, If you watch the first two movies and ignore the rest, how does that tarnish them?


Yeah, I generally agree. The existence of the other Terminator movies does not diminish the first two. The existence of the Star Trek: TNG movies doesn’t lower the quality of the series itself. The existence of Highlander 2: The Quickening doesn’t diminish the original, even though it completely changes the backstory and says that they were aliens from another planet all along. Talk about trying hard to diminish the original! :)


Well… If I know they tried to ruin the first movie then that means I didn’t ignore it did I? I try to give many movies a chance. I wound up seeing all the AVPs after all and only one of them did I find… passable.


Could you expand on this? Who is ever making a movie with the intention of ruining the previous movies? How does one even go about such a thing, without using a time machine?


Most the movies out there that remake, expand, whatever on a well-loved original don’t stick their new material literally into that original movie. What’s the chances of someone taking material from an original already beloved movie and making it better almost… nil. So in doing that, the odds of making it worst are quite substantial. Now making a remake, that’ different. There not really sticking the new stuff into the old stuff, they’re mostly re-imagining, creating a new universe, whatever you want to call it. I’m trying to think if I saw another one that did what the terminator series wind up doing… drawing a blank at the moment.

This predator though isn’t a remake. In the timeline is seems to be more of a sequel although I think someone suggested it’s ignoring AVP but not sure about the other ones… could just be using 1 as a base.


I think there may be a communication issue here. Let me provide an example.

Let’s say you just love Poltergeist. You aren’t a fan of the sequels so much, so they don’t factor in at all, but you love the original for whatever reason. Nostalgia, for instance. Any reason to love a movie.

Now let’s say someone remakes Poltergeist. And you just hate it on every possible level from the changes to the original story to the lighting. It doesn’t remove the existence of nor change the original. You can always just go watch it again. They cannot ruin Poltergiest for you, even if they (for some reason) would intentionally want to. It cannot be done. It’s still the same movie it always was and that you loved.

And someone, somewhere, is watching the new Poltergiest you hated and it’s there new all time favorite movie. People are weird that way.


I tried to mention why I think remarks are different.

When they did Terminator Genisys, I think that’s the one, they basically eliminated 2 with that movie… as in the same timeline.

Remarks are like different universes, different takes, visions. They don’t really exist at the same time as the original. Sure you can compare them but their more like side-by-side than on top of one another.


Ah! But it is not as if you can no longer watch Terminator 2 whenever you want, and ignore Genesys. That is ehat I am getting at.


Well I am told if I drink enough alcohol and do enough drugs, I too can enter a movie and not remember all the movies I’ve seen before it, just like a few members of my family, but since I don’t do drugs and alcohol intake is minimal, I am not going to just forget that they did what they did. The thing was… it was entirely unnecessary. It was just lazy to tack on like that.


I would rather do drugs than watch a lot of these movie remakes studios are churning out…


New trailer!

I think it looks like a lot of fun, though while watching this trailer a few red flags were raised, but nothing that will stop me from enjoying the film. It may not elevate past the original (or the second one, which I also enjoy) but it still seems easily worth seeing opening weekend on an Ultra Screen, so I’m going to reserve my tickets as soon as I find out who else is coming with.


So “Trailer” means “Movie summary” in the last decade. Am I right or am I right?