Preferred tongue style for oral sex

This poll brought to you by the irc channel.

Edit: no shit bonerz option because it’s time for you to take a stand for once in your life.

I clicked on this expecting a Koontz thread. Then I remembered he was gently touched.

I demand you fix this to include the option
“That nose ring might get tangled!”

Ha! But that only applies to her. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have had surgery to split their tongue halfway down the middle but aren’t extreme enough to have nose rings.

This from a guy whose groin is packed with ice…

Preferred tongue style: female.

Hey, it’s probably the best he can do for his SO in his current condition…

No. They all have nose rings.


Aaaaaaand we’re done.

Y’think? Given some of the links Whitta’s posted over the years, I have trouble believing that he could be that adamant about his reply. There can’t be that much room between being willing to propagate that Batman and Robin pic and going “Well, what the hell, at least he’s clean-shaven. That beard burn sucks!”

Wow, I had totally forgotten about the Batman and Robin pic.

2 females. It can almost seem forked.


What’s a forked tongue?

Is that where they cut it in half down the middle?

If so, pass.

Wait, do people do this deliberately or does this happen more from a piercing being ripped out when someone accidentally calls out an ex’s name?

Oh, and that’s creepy.

Just a short question: Do people who wrangle over what is NSFW also consider TEXT as well as graphics.

Because if a boss person were looking over an employees shoulder, a topic of PREFERRED TONGUE STYLE FOR ORAL SEX is probably NSFW, right?

I would be much more worried about this thread than the picture thread if I were browsing at work.

Is that male or female?

You’d need a new smiley. :-B