Premature Threadjaculation: your Hellgate character?

OK so Computer Games this month had a big Hellgate cover story and the third class is revealed it’s the Hunter the ranged weapon techno expert which now joins the Templar melee monster class and the Cabalist summoner / magic class and there’s lots of other info about the five damage types (fire, cold, electricity, something, and SPECTRAL DAMAGE how cool is that?) and the ability scores and the modifier system (ammo = mods; your ammo never really runs out) and the infinite randomization and and and uuuggghhh SPLURT.

So the question is what character type will you be in Hellgate? And if you have no fucking idea, say so already. But if you are the kind of person who Gets A Feeling From The Previews and then starts daydreaming your character concept, have at it.

It was a good preview and I want the Hunter. Plays like an FPS, acts like a Roguelike.

Probably a Hunter, if only `cause I suck at melee in first-person games and don’t usually enjoy spellcasters.

P.S. Good preview, Tom, even if the big bold text thing was overused. :-)

I loves me my pets, that I do.

Melee works in third-person camera, FYI.

Also, who wouldn’t love taking on demon aspects for more power? ;)

That’s good to know: all the shots I’ve seen have been first-person only.

This due out soon? I don’t even want to read about it if it’s more than 60 days out.

In my experiances in games Pet classes are usually amazing versus NPC enemies to a point where it’s usually too easy for me. Melee classes just aren’t my cup of tea unless they are a stealthy assassin type. So looks like Hunter suits my play style.

Currently scheduled for “Q1 2007.”

Really? I just ruined my keyboard with that news. Thanks!

I am SO looking forward to this game.

I think it’s like any Diablo game where you can build each of the three classes in variant ways. For example, the Cabalist can opt out of focusing on summoning things and instead invest in taking on demon aspects to his/her own body, or just strengthen your eldritch firepower.

Thinking Cabalist, too early to say for sure tho.

I’ll probably try all of them at least once.

I’m leaning towards Hunter though, from the descriptions I’ve been hearing.

Don’t blame Tom for that.

I always liked playing the Rogue best in Diablo, so I think I’ll try out a Hunter first in Hellgate: London.

I haven’t seen the article yet, so I don’t know anything about any bold facing. But I’m sure it’s there for a reason. :)

It was pretty cool seeing how differently the game plays based on whether you’re the melee dude/chick, the spellcasting dude/chick, or the first person shooter dude/chick. And as Kunikos notes, the skill tree will change that up even more. None of the skill tree stuff was finalized when I saw it, but they have even more cool ideas lurking in there, waiting for the details to be hammered out.


Wait a sec… what’s this about FPS? Yuck.

I usually try a glass cannon build of every class. It forces me to stay at the top of my game.

That preview made the game sound even more awesome than I would have expected. I hope it won’t get delayed again.

Gimme guns.