Preorder second sight for $30

CAG Exclusive: Second Sight (PS2, Xbox, GC) pre-order $30 with free overnight shipping and DVD from Gamestop

I sure hope this isn’t a bad sign regarding the game’s quality. They claim $30 is $10 off, so the original price is $40. Hrmmmm. Previews look promising, though. Also, the ps2 controller is typically better for frd games, but they claim ps2 version only does 30fps. Decisions, decisions. :?

I hadn’t heard of this. It sounds exactly like Psi-Ops.

The game actually sounds pretty interesting.

You alternate between playing in Russia and the USA I believe (the locations are more specific than that, I just cant remember or be bothered with finding the magazine I read it in right now). You play Russia first (which is the past) and then you play part of the USA half (present). What you do in the past areas affects how the present half plays. Characters are vastly different in both. For example there is female colleague of the main character who is a normal scientist in the past but a timid, mentally broken woman in the present. You have to lead her around ala Ico using a psychic “charm” ability. The two halves also play very differently. In the past portion you dont have psychic abilities so you rely heavily on guns. This is reversed in the present.

There seems to be some interesting character development on the plot front and varied gameplay with a mix of shooting, psychic powers and Ico style gameplay.

It sounds interesting and the trailer looks good, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to wait on this one… I just bought a game last week about a guy with amnesia who discovers that he has psychic powers; I don’t need another one just yet.