Prepaid Cellular?

Just thought I’d bump this to say Amp’d Mobile just went OOB…I got a notice of bankruptcy in the mail yesterday and a nice text message this morning saying that July 31st was the drop-dead date if I want to port my number.

I think this will be my last prepaid service. It was a hassle anyway. I’ll go back to being ripped off by Cingular.

You just got the text message today?. Wow. I got mine on saturday night (when they though they were done on Monday- the judge gave them an extension).

So I got online, and found that I could pretty easily switch to a company called Page Plus. They aren’t quite as easy to use as Amp’d (I can’t just put money on my account with the touch of a button- I have to call them or buy more minutes online)- and they only do voice and SMS messaging, no data of any kind (though they say they’re rolling that out in the fall), but they are cheaper, and more customer-friendly. For example their rates vary between .12-.06/min, depending how much money you spend, and your balance dosen’t disappear after 60 days- with PP it’s 120 days, and all you need to do is spend a bit more money before that 120th day (say, $10), and all your current balance gets the extension of another 120 days. I ported my phone with no problem, and kept my number, and they gave me a free 100 minutes.

I’m curious as to why you found Amp’d a hassle. They seemed pretty slick to me- I got (relatively, for the little I used the phone) cheap minutes, and could check my gmail on the go if I needed to. Putting more money on the phone was easy if I needed it. I never really had to deal with CS, though- I’ve heard they were’nt that great.

edit Just went back over the thread, and saw your hassles. Bleh. I would hate them, too if I had to go through that. I didn’t have to deal with Amp’d at all with Page plus, though. I just called them, (PP) explained the situation, they shuffled me off to the correct department, and they started the number porting process. I was told to call back when the phone stopped working, ~3hrs. I called back and they walked me through the reprogramming of the phone. Simple. I get the feeling they were/are dealing with a lot of migrating Amp’d users.

In fairness, once I got through the initial hassles, it was an OK service. I had a couple of times where I tried to make a call and Amp’d had seemingly lost my minutes, but if I waited a minute or two and tried again they came back.

I’ll call this other place and if it’s as painless as you say, maybe I’ll give it a shot…I’d hate to have to throw away a perfectly good Razr just cause Amp’d went belly up.

They seem pretty good so far. A couple of problems I have with them right now:

  1. No local numbers for WA or OR ( and possibly other places), so a couple of friends of mine can’t get a phone there with a number local to Seattle like I did (my amp’d number ported). This is annoying. Also, related to this, they don’t really have their own phones- they rely on Verizon-networ-capable phones.

2)There is a message at the start of every phone call that tells you how many minutes you have left. It’s kind of annoying. They say they’re revamping the website- the ‘My Account’ feature there is totally disabled right now. When the account feature is implemented this fall, supposedly you’ll be able to turn this off.

3)Similar to the above, I hear they send out a text message whenever you make a call with less than 30 minutes on your account. Fortunately, I had this turned off within an hour just by sending an email to CS (though I haven’t actually seen it in action).

That said, CS is very good and very responsive, whether by phone or email- I even got real answers to emails after hours. Too bad you’re in CA. I’d offer to buy your Amp’d prepaid off you to get it ported over if you were local to Seattle.