Prepare to care again about Diablo III's legendary items

Title Prepare to care again about Diablo III's legendary items
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When August 14, 2012

Among the changes coming to Diablo III are completely revamped legendary items. Senior designer Andrew Chambers notes:In many ways the Legendary items that we released with the game were just Rares with flavor text. You called us on it, and we've listened..

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It looks like now their Rares that also use other game assets and have a variety of glowy clouds stapled to them. Although I suppose that's the difference between "doing things right" and fixing them in an update.

I got a demon hunter up to level 58, and in that time I found only one item of legendary quality: a level 20-ish quiver. Not very exciting.

I tried getting to level 60, but that required grinding previous levels for gold to dump in the auction house. I felt like I was playing the auction house more than the base game, which is not my idea of fun. Is the auction house Diablo 3's end game?

"Is the auction house Diablo 3's end game?"


Legendary items a needed boost, and this will help some, though what they really need is some character. But when you introduce a stat like '+to gold pick up radius', you leave me doubting your ability to make interesting items. I don't know why I feel that the D2 itemization was superior to D3's. It could be that you were limited to what you saw drop in game, vs having access to the 90th percentile of loot quality in the auction house.