Present for the lady back home

Anyone got any good suggestions for presents from the US that are going to be a little different from what I can get back home? I’m not sure it’s really possible - but I’m sure I can find something. Any tips??

Liberty and freedom.


On a more serious note, the question to ask first is: what does she like?

It can sometimes be hard to find good “authentic” shit anymore in the US because 90% of it’s really make in China.

I keep pointing people to THIS.

Perfect gift, IMHO.

And by “spare her” he means “consume her first”.

Where are you in the US? Local flavor is different in Maine than, say, Hawaii.

He is in Maryland, if I recall correctly.

Buy her a Harley.

Buy her a box set of the LOTR movies on DVD, she’ll be floored by the lush and sweeping vistas we feature in American movies.

Amusement++. Would lol again.

To know this, I would have to know what you can’t get in New Zealand that you can get in the U.S. I can generally think of crap you can buy in other countries that you can not get here (e.g. Russian nesting dolls) that are associated with a specific country, but I can not think of anything that is associated with the U.S. specifically.

Maybe buy her a handgun?

There’s not a whole lot that you can only get if you’re in the U.S. as a whole – if the U.S. makes something that takes over the whole country, then it’s a safe bet it’s available in the whole world. Coke, for instance. Also McDonald’s. (Those are the two main examples, but there are obviously shitloads more. Microsoft, for fuck’s sake!)

So don’t think national, think local. Get her some Maryland bay seasoning and make her American-style fried chicken when you get home. Or get her some cool tchotchkes (sp?) at the National Air and Space Museum (especially if she’s a geek).

If he’s got the money, that would actually probably be the single best (and, well, only) “Made in USA” gift you can imagine.

Well, maybe not only. There are John Deere tractors too.

I remember saying that you went to the Mennonite country, you might make another visit and get some of their handmade stuff.

But just like MacDonalds and Coca Cola these brands are everywhere and while Calistas is horsing around in the States his old lady is minding the sheep farm on top of a John Deere.

Last time I was in the States I bought my wife running shoes (that she wanted) and Victorias Secrets (that I wanted).
It’s not like you can’t get that stuff here, your money just gets you twice as much of it in the States (and Victorias Secret is a well known US brand that for some reasons hasn’t penetrated here yet).

Does she like beer? Or scratch that, have you tried any local microbrews? In any event, you should smuggle back some US microbrews. Finally put to bed the nasty rumors about the US having shitty beer! Given your area, I suggest Shipyard Stout/Old Thumper, Gritty’s Best Bitter, Geary’s London Porter (compare it to real London Porter), and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Those are all easy to find in the New England area. Okay, I’m a bit biased, all of those but Sierra Nevada are from Maine.

Drive down to DC.
Purchase one(1) replica Declaration of Independence.

But yeah, the trouble with first world countries these days is that if your woman really wanted some shit from America she would’ve bought it off Amazon/Ebay already.

I Lol’d.

Something about Victoria’s Secret and Penetration.

Also Lol’d at the LotR reference above.

Suitably neato suggestions from everyone, thanks ;)

She’s a classy lady with a good sense of fashion. The victoria secret stuff is not a bad idea actually. She’d never ask for it but it would be a good fun gift.

Harley, nope. Handgun - fun idea, but I reckon I’d have trouble on the plane. As for the Amish - well, most of their stuff is big and heavy - or it’s Jam. Neither are super for transport… BUT MY GOD THEIR DONUTS ARE THE BEST!

I’m kinda thinking jewellery - maybe a nice necklace - but if I got something like that it would be good to find something I couldn’t get back in NZ… hmm! Girls, they’re so damn tricky :)

Would it be out of the question to call up and ask if there’s anything special she’d like brought back?

If you go the Victoria’s Secret route, be sure you know the proper size if you’re getting a bra. The cup sizes are the same but band sizes are different.