President Bush Due In Colorado Monday

President Bush Due In Colorado Monday

President George W. Bush arrives in Colorado tonight as part of a mission to tout alternative energy sources.

Bush, in his State of the Union speech, said the nation is so addicted to oil that it has become dependent on foreign imports.

He will visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Tuesday during his stay in Colorado. Thirty-two jobs at the labs were eliminated by budget cuts earlier this month, but the jobs were restored two days before the president’s visit, according to Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo).

Thanks for that insightful update of important news.

This is important in case someone was planning an assassination?

The “restored funding for Presidential PR trip” angle is funny.

This does me no good. I have things to do today. Where will he be Wednesday?

I didn’t even know he was expecting.

Big News!!! A huge breakthrough cure for our energy ills is just around the corner! Pre-order your supply of miraculous Snake Oil today at a special reduced price!

Hey, waiddaminit…I’M in Colorado today. Monday.

I failed to spot the president while shredding back bowls at Vail. Imma check for him there again tomorrow though.