President sees America as a child needing a parent

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said yesterday that President Bush views America as a ''10-year-old child" in need of the sort of protection provided by a parent.

Card’s remark, criticized later by Democrat John F. Kerry’s campaign as ''condescending," came in a speech to Republican delegates from Maine and Massachusetts that was threaded with references to Bush’s role as protector of the country. Republicans have sounded that theme repeatedly at the GOP convention as they discuss the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the war in Iraq.

''It struck me as I was speaking to people in Bangor, Maine, that this president sees America as we think about a 10-year-old child," Card said. ''I know as a parent I would sacrifice all for my children."

The comment underscored an argument put forth some by political pundits, such as MSNBC talk-show host Chris Matthews, that the Republican Party has cast itself as the ''daddy party."

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I think we’re ready to cut the apron strings.


Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country seem to have the intellectual capacity of a 10 year old. That’s how Daddy got into the white house in the first place, and that’s what is probably going to keep him there for 4 more years.

How weird. On Bill Maher’s show tongight, Andrew Sullivan said the RNC was about three words:


I guess he wasn’t kidding.