President Trump Optimism thread


OK, enough doom and gloom. Everything is terrible, but maybe there are some silver linings we can identify from this new national nightmare. Maybe things won’t be that bad! Let’s think of ways how!

  • Infighting between traditional Republicans and Tea Party/Alt-Right loonies will lead to congressional gridlock, forcing them to compromise with Democratic minorities to actually get things passed.
  • Now that they have control, maybe the Republicans will come around from just being a party of “No”, to getting something done. The something’s might be things I horribly disagree with, but at least it’s movement in a direction!
  • Trump is basically a crazy person, right? So, maybe on some key issues, he will end up flip flopping again and doing things that aren’t so horrible. Like, maybe his Supreme Court list goes out the window and he finds some slightly more moderate voices somewhere.
  • Trump clearly has no interest in governing, so he’ll probably mostly be there for the state dinners and non consensual Angela Merkel backrubs. We know that he pitched Kasich with essentially presidential control in the VP slot, so acting - president Pence it is! That’s probably better than Trump, kind of?


Yeah, my hope is that he takes office an realizes that the buracracy is too big and too entrenched for him to make any real fast and sweeping changes and just kinda gives up trying.

The system is very specifically designed to prevent rapid and radical reform (Bernie would have faced the same issue) and Trump doesn’t really seem like the type to roll up his sleeves and dig in.


Trump’s understanding g of the powers of the Presidency are so limited, that in the off chance there are mlsecret horrible things he wanted to do when he became president, he probably can’t do them.

Hell, he can’t do most of the non-secret horrible things he talked about either.

And his imagination is probably limited enough that even after he learns wheat his presidential powers are, he’ll be hard up to think of ways to abuse them.


Maybe he can tell us what really happens at Area 51…


Trump’s victory and his threats to tear up NAFTA should cause the Canadian dollar to plummet. Which makes our exports more competitive and hopefully raises exports to other countries as we shift to a more European and Asian focused trade policy.

It’s going to hurt in the short term, there’s no escaping that. But maybe it’s time we got a little less dependent on our US trade.

Plus I will finally stop vacationing in the US and get to see some of the Maritime provinces I’ve never visited. I hear PEI and Nova Scotia are beautiful!


Hey, Trump is smarter than all the generals, so this terrorism thing should be solved quick, right?


Remember: Trump was a Democrat until not too long ago. His campaign was nothing but chest thumping and lies. There’s decent reason to believe that he will be in the center with policies and that he will refuse to bow to the will of the GOP House and Senate. Basically, there’s nobody on the planet, Trump included, who knows what he will be like as President.

You know he won’t back down from Paul Ryan and that McCain isn’t going to jump on the Trump train.


From the NY Times:

he very likely knows what the rest of us know: Most of the things he promised to do in order to get elected make no sense. And for that reason alone he may not do them. There is also the fact that even a Republican Congress may very well resist his policies, by, for instance, refusing to fund construction of the proposed wall bordering Mexico

it marks the decline of “religious conservatism” in American politics, which has done much damage to the Republican Party among well-educated voters, particularly women. Not only did Mr. Trump soundly defeat the hero of religious conservatives, Ted Cruz, at the polls; he also does not personally believe, or at least he certainly does not live by, religious conservatives’ agenda.


Im not so much worried about Trump as I am about the mandate the republican party has received from the people. With control of the White House, Congress and The Supreme Court, many of the people in this nation are screwed. I have no optimism. This nation is going to go backwards big time and when its all said and done we will be lucky if we do not face world war. Because if Trump does even a third of what he claimed he was going to do, with the support of Congress, we will be.


This is an awesome thread.

The following groups of people will resist anything Trump wants to do:

The Republican establishment
The Democrats
The media
Spontaneous social media shitstorms

I’ll be surprised if he can even sit down without someone complaining.

Also, there will be a recession and Democrats will win in 2020 by default. The GOP hasn’t resolved its internal conflicts so there’s still very little hope for them.


I think you misread the thread title.

Probably what you meant to say is that the US is going to win so much they’ll be tired of winning… SO TIRED of it that they will have to take a break and there will be a temporary economic downturn during their victory nap.


Yeah, I’m really looking forward to a recession! Thanks, Tim! ;)

This is a good thread. Thank you.


I will attempt to find some silver linings:

  • The civil war among the Republicans isn’t going away.
  • Paul Ryan is probably still screwed.
  • Putin will be punished for his fuckery by having to actually deal with the nutball loose cannon.
  • Congress will no longer be able to blame their incompetence on Obama or the Dems.
  • By the odds, there’s likely to be a recession soon. Let’s start calling it “The Trump Recession.”
  • Dems now have a clean slate to be the anti-Establishment party.
  • I will live to see what was only science fiction in my youth become reality. Granted, I would have preferred to see flying cars instead of an authoritarian dystopia. But hey, we’re living in the future!


Also, the federal government is a ratchet and rarely repeals anything. I just don’t see Congress “moving backwards.” Why rock the boat on resolved issues when you can work on your own pet projects?

We’ll rearrange some deck chairs on medical policy (you act as if Obamacare wasn’t already doomed on its own) and some deficit spending and call it a wrap in 4 years.

The biggest positive is that perhaps Trump won’t think he’s smarter than he really is and try to aggressively “fix” foreign countries. It depends on how well the neocons get their claws into his administration.

Clinton would’ve been the sleepy, conservative, gridlock choice so I was kind of leaning toward her. Trump has more variance but I don’t think he’ll be too bad.


This is exactly how i feel.

I think it is dumb that people are scared he will start random wars. That risk was far higher with another dumb Bush in the office.

I am scared of all of the progress we have made in recent years being destroyed. I’m scared of failed republican policies like being anti science, anti reproductive rights, trickle down economics (read: give money to rich people), destroying the small amount of consumer protection we have, destroying the small amount of regulations we have, etc etc.

We were also looking at finally making the supreme court represent today’s America which is gone. These changes will last decades. Hillary Clinton and the DNC fucked us big time.


May not be- another conservative judge may die in 4-8 years time. They won’t want to resign under trump, except for maybe Thomas.


I’m thinking that some large portion of Trump supporters will be the most unhappy with what he ends up doing… because his promises contradicted each other. So either the conservatives or the populists are going to be pissed off.


While the outcome is horrible, hindsight, etc. etc. I don’t really know how productive this line of thinking is.

I do believe that the DNC and Hillary were honestly doing what they thought was best for the country. As is often the case with ambitious people, “best for the country” happens to dovetail with “me being in charge”, but I do believe their motivations were sincere.

This was not a small margin of victory. This was decades of policy and propaganda coming home to roost. We can counter-factual Bernie all we want, but I honestly don’t think another democratic candidate would have won.


Oh, but they will. They spent all of Obama’s years blaming Bush’s failures on Clinton.


Bernie was also woefully unqualified to be president. One thing he would have given though, would have been a more clear choice of “Good vs. Evil”. You’d have had the guy who is saying to throw people in camps, vs. the guy who has nature’s creatures landing on his podium during speeches.

Clinton would have been a far better president than both of them. But she was a worse candidate than either, because people don’t, from either party, vote based on facts. They vote based on emotional bullshit.