President Trump Optimism thread


News from the (possible?) future - would this count as optimism, of a kind?

(It’s a sort of dream I have, that gives me hope.)


Sure, that’s optimistic. Not a thing about nuclear annihilation.


So, President Pence? Cause I’m wondering if that is a good thing. I mean, less of a chance of nuclear annihilation.


It would be better. In that getting stabbed in the leg is better than being shot in the head.

You’ll probably survive the leg stabbing, even if it isn’t pleasant.

There has been a lot of evidence recently hinting that Pence was in the know on a lot of this shit as well. Not part of it directly, but pretending he didn’t know about it to help cover it all up after the fact.


Yes, pence is not good, but he’s bad within normal parameters.

Trump is off the charts bad.

Besides, if Trump goes, it will cripple The GOP.


From your keyboard to God’s/Vishnu’s/the FSM’s eyeballs.


Nuclear annihilation is off the charts bad.

Optimistically only 1 billion would die as the direct and indirect result of full-scale Russia, US exchange and the nuclear winter to follow.

If replacing Trump with Pence lowers that chance of that occurring by a .1%/year that on average will save a million lives a year. There is literally nothing that Pence could do that that would make him worse.
Even if it is only .01% chance that still is 100,000 a year.

Not to mention there is 100% chance Pence will be less of a national embarrassment.



Trump has a council on diversity?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


"Well, we have a German, an Irish… seems pretty diverse to me. Heck, we even got a black."


C’mon now, they have two or three, give them some credit.


Trump’s assets are highly diversified


Hats, casinos and hotels?


I’m still amazed that Clarke used to be elected, repeatedly, as a Democrat.


I checked, this is real.


Is that Bruce Reeves Bartlett? Damn. That’s some shit.




Actual Optimism:

Trump likes people who likes him. Flatter him for an entire meeting and he’ll agree to anything. (Except attack Putin, that does seem to be his one hard line.)


If Democrats were trying to come up with a politician who did the most damage to the Republican Party, you’d be hard pressed to come up with somebody worse than Trump. Of course, that is also true for Putin trying to come up with a politician who’d do more damage to the US.