President Trump Optimism thread


Did you do that? Props is so. (Apparently that image is the “meme of summer”, for those who don’t know.)


Oh lord no. I’m neither that funny or that creative.


Original source, I think.



Turns out the meme is from stock photography and all 3 people in the shot are professional models, and none of them have made much money from this meme going viral.


They never do. I once had a friend who appeared in an MS-provided clipart bit. Her face (from decades ago) has appeared all around the Internet over the years. She got paid, iirc, $500 as a one-time payout.


They should make a Youtube channel & Instagram account together, of them making memes. Might as well get that social media fame while you can.


Y’all must be a real fuckin’ hoot at parties. ;)


Think “I like the Tin Man” kid from A Christmas Story. Why go only half-aspie?


Also turns out… it’s a dark and twisted story (the photoshoot that is).


Holy moly that’s wild. WTH are those last pictures!? Why would they make a stock photo of that.

This stock photo story gets better and better. It actually does seem like they ran through some kind of narrative when shooting.


jesus christ


Yeah, dat ending.


I’m so using this in my next coroporate preso 'Whaaaaat?! I can’t believe you bought insert vendor x!!"



Go figure:


Wow, so they’re actually talking about repealing the debt ceiling entirely?
The GOP… uh… hates this, right?


Maybe if the Democrats flatter Trump enough, he’ll switch parties. That’d be fun.


Starts with Love Story, ends with Saw.

Yeah. Innit.


Trump deserves credit for the debt ceiling deal. This has been an occasion for drama in the past, largely due to the GOP’s willingness to dangle our economy over the abyss. If Trump has solved this by reaching across the aisle and coming to a reasonable, bipartisan agreement, that is wonderful.

Yeah, this is just keeping the lights on, not curing cancer or landing a man on the Mars. But as dysfunctional as our politics have been for the last nine years, maintaining the normal functions of government is an accomplishment.


Wait, is this going to pass? Because last I saw, the GOP holds both houses of Congress.