President Trump Optimism thread


I’m laughing so hard.


Just when you thought things couldn’t get less normal…


This is like some grand alien experiment using positive and negative feedback, ala, rats with cheese.


I was actually hoping this would happen a lot sooner. So many of President Trump’s random proclamations during the campaign didn’t line up with traditional GOP orthodoxy that I figured he would be willing to work with Ds more often. Including on health care.


Anyone? Because while I’m cool with Trump striking a deal with Democrats, why would the GOP just let it go?


If they don’t pass it, they risk being targeted by Trump and his base. Which apparently has scared them before.

Not only that, but as the first movers Trump/Dems have robbed the Congressional GOP of a legislative cudgel. The GOP can’t really leverage the debt limit in order to get (say) tax reform. It’s no longer my way or the highway. Or to put it another way, Dems are free to filibuster any such deal, since Trump already put an alternative on the table.


I mean yeah, the Senate refusing to pass this is a possibility.

So here’s where we are:

House passed a “clean” Harvey relief bill at $7.9 billion on Tuesday. Went to Senate, where it was fully expected to get into a fight over debt ceiling negotiations with the Democrats.

Trump sides with the Dems, and supports a 3-month debt ceiling (meaning Republicans have to go wear that hairshirt they made for themselves in the Obama years again right before Christmas recess). That’s bundled in with the Harvey relief package.

So you’re a Senate Republican. Do you hold this thing up and rip up the deal the Dems made and present your own and risk not only the wrath of Trump voters but also risk being made to look like you’re playing politics with flood relief funds (which, to be fair, they are)?


The fact that Congressional Republicans made the debt ceiling a thing back in the Obama Administration was such an mind-blowingly stupid strategy, that of course this thing was eventually going to blow right back in their faces.


If by ‘reasonable, bipartisan agreement’ you mean giving a big, very public, middle finger to the two congressional leaders of his own party by giving the democrats exactly what they asked for with no concessions on the part of the democrats, then sure.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m very happy to see a clean debt ceiling bill and amused to see it be for only 3 months (so the republicans have to face the same issue again soon). But there was nothing much ‘bipartisan’ about it.


Hmm. I guess I’m not as confident that this is going to work.


The GOP are so screwed on this. Trump is desperate for positive press, not the fake positive spin he gets from his own talking heads on semi-friendly Fox News, but REAL positive press. Reaching across the aisle to make a deal that 1) sends billions in hurricane relief money to Texas and 2) delays the recurring GOP government shutdown histrionics that happen every time the debt-ceiling approaches gains him two big positives, with ZERO cost to himself personally while also sticking it to McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the congressional GOP that he’s very frustrated with recently. Even better, it melds perfectly with his DACA strategy, which seems to be to force Congress to make it official legislation so that he can simultaneously claim credit with his base for addressing the immigration issue and with the general public for forcing Congress to officially save the Dreamers. Win-win, all at the expense of the GOP.

Trump is moving briskly towards being a true Independent. It doesn’t make me like him an ounce more than I did, but it DOES make me enjoy the uncomfortable GOP squirming that he’s causing. The best part is that if they just start shooting down everything they risk alienating a good portion of their own base, causing them to face being primaried or losing to Democrats outright in 2018/2020.


LOL, he does one single thing that is not more right wing than Strom Thurmond and suddenly he’s becoming a true independent.

The bar, it is truly lowered.


It’s about the GOP being nothing but an opposition party, in power and with nothing to oppose but themselves, and Trump is his machismo desire to look good rather than be good, frustrated they can’t even agree enough with themselves to bring him that.

The day the GOP loses the majority will be the day every GOP member breathes a sigh of relief. It’s hard to cash on pie-in-the-sky, irrational promises when you’re actually expected fulfill them.


It is, but to be more precise I don’t mean Independent in the same sense as Congressional Independents (who tend to almost always vote with Democrats), but in the sense that he’s no longer allied with the GOP, and may be moving away from pushing their agenda. Trump ran as a populist, and is desperate to be popular, so if Congressional Democrats can convince him that siding with them makes him more popular…

I’d be interested to see how his approval ratings change if/when this and/or the DACA legislation pass. If they nudge upwards even a little bit, look for Trump to start defying the GOP more often.


I don’t think you should be asking for concessions when it comes to passing hurricane relief or raising the debt ceiling. So I’m not going to criticize the players involved for doing the right thing.

Maybe Trump’s was motivated more by spiting Ryan/ McConnell, or by building his brand as a political force unto himself, separate from either party. Either way, they got to the right result.


Haha, you’re cute to think that Congress will pass something. I like and envy your optimism!

Spoiler alert: they won’t pass anything.


Not passing Harvey relief is the stick behind the carrot. I’m not sure that’s politically viable.


No, I mean they won’t pass any legislation related to DACA. That has nothing to do with Harvey relief.


Oh, yeah. They’re not gonna touch DACA.


They’ll pass hurricane relief and raise the debt ceiling. I can’t believe they’re so self-destructive that they’d screw those two things up.

I think DACA is toast, though. Unless I see Breitbart start running sympathetic stories about Mexican DACA kids serving in Afghanistan or becoming productive citizens, I will assume that Trump’s base remains fanatically xenophobic.

EDIT: Read your replies to Trigger. Yeah… I think we’re all in agreement here.