President Trump Optimism thread


The alternative would be to actually do what Congress is supposed to do, and pass a real budget.

You’re right, that shutting down the government is infinitely worse… But he IS correct that continuing resolutions SUCK BALLS for everyone involved. It basically means that they keep spending money on shit, regardless of what they actually need. It’s inefficient, and it’s detrimental to the organizations being funded.

The problem is that this seems to be damn near the norm at this point… just gross incompetence from Congress, and an inability to perform their most core functions.

So on some level, I totally understand why someone would oppose this… because even though it’s better than just fucking everything, it’s still not how they SHOULD be operating, and if no one ever questions it, then they’re never going to go back to actually doing their jobs correctly.


I agree, and you’re right on all counts. However that wasn’t going to happen within the timeframe of budget funding. Not with this congress, even if they had a budget prepped and ready to vote on, which they don’t.

So, yeah, they should, but they need a CR to get them the time to do it.


When was the last actual budget? Was it the sequester one, the one that was supposed to be so bad that it would force them to fix it, and of course they didn’t?




So, making buddies with the Dems is Trump’s latest attempt to quell the Russia investigation?


You gotta look past your heart, man, to see the brilliance.


This is what I was thinking as well. Schumer (or people close to Schumer) probably have some experience dealing with Trump, and may be able to navigate his whims better than most.


I think it was during the Bush presidency. Not sure though.


That’s not REALLY true, at least not down at the operational level.

In some cases Congress dictates the budget on a project-by-project level, but that is the exception rather than the rule. In a CR, the total given to an agency is set based on the previous year, but the agency generally gets to allocate that set of funds to whatever priorities their leadership determines.

It’s not (usually) the case where you have some bean-counter saying “well, we spent $12M on parking-lot repaving last year, so we have exactly that amount for repaving this year.” It’s more like: “We have $12M that we used for facilities last year – do we need that whole amount this year or can we throw some of it at motor pool, which only got $4M last year?”


Naw, Ryan while he was head of the budget committee. worked with Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington) to pass an actual budget in Dec . 2013 it was only two months. Which is pretty much on time.


The problem is that they won’t though. They will just kick the can down the road, because no one in government is competent enough to actually make workable budgets anymore.




Everything Our Mr President Trump does isn’t done to erase Barack Obama’s legacy, although I’m sure he takes pleasure in that. Much of it is pure Republicanism.

Trying to kill Obamacare. Killing the EPA. De-regulating everything in sight that gets in the way of corporate interests from stealing whatever they want and pocketing all the money. Cutting taxes on the rich to as close to nothing as he dares. Giving the cops free rein. Hating and stirring up hatred for Muslims and immigrants. Ending DACA…

Donald Trump is as Republican as they come.

Never mind his feuding and fussing with various Congressional Republicans. That’s personal, not political. Politically, he’s advancing the agenda the GOP has been pushing for decades, a main point of which is and has been for close to 150 years to keep America a white Christian nation.

Edit: Ah but the MSM is busy normalizing trump. Series of tweets from digby frames it succinctly - but this will never stop.






NYT, WaPo and AP:
Trump is the first independent President in 150 years!

Sure, sure. Cutting taxes on the rich is certainly independent and absolutely the best way to deal with catastrophic hurricanes.




Really it just goes to show how foolish claiming there is a “Liberal Media” is. Huge surprise, in most cases, the ultra rich asshole who owns your newspaper/news channel is going to use his power to force upper management at the company to force workers there to report the politically correct truth (IE don’t report things that run counter to their money).

Also, i don’t buy for a second that there is a future to Democrats cooperating with Trump. Mark my words, Trump’s infrastructure bill is going to be a huge giveaway to his friends. Maybe some bridges/roads will be built out of it, but the American people are going to pay so some corrupt trumpite can get rich. Hell, i wouldn’t be surprised if one of Trump’s companies ends up doing some or all of the work.


I would hope anyone paying attention in the past year wouldn’t trust Trump to flush after he shits, much less in any political dealings. But then again, people voted for this imbecile so my faith in humanity is a bit shaken to say the least.


OMG Trump didn’t default on the debt. He’s so radical! What an independent! Look at all the Republicans voting against him and all the independents and democrats in his cabinet!


The only time he defaults on debt is when it is his own.