President Trump Optimism thread


He didn’t say they’ve lost, he said they are lost. Small but crucial difference.


What doth it profit a party, if it hold all branches of government, yet lose its soul? A shit-ton of money, as it turns out.


trump is very popular and will expand on his .58% mid west victories.

Sorry for the snark, actually. Given how grotesquely selfish and uninformed voters are you’re probably right. :/


There isn’t an international politcs thread I could find, probably should be one.

In the meantime:
New Zealand has their youngest PM in 150 years (from forming a minority coalition government.)

The really startling news though is the Czech Republic.

Billionaire Andrej Babis has won a thumping victory in the Czech Republic’s parliamentary election, while eurosceptics and an anti-Islam group made strong gains.

State election officials citing results from 99.9 percent of polling stations on Saturday said Babis’s anti-corruption and anti-euro ANO (Yes) movement won with 29.7 percent support, almost three times higher than any other party and giving it a chance to rule with just one partner in a coalition.

ANO was followed by the eurosceptic right-wing ODS party on 11.3 percent.

At just 7.4 percent, the ruling Social Democrats of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka were on course for their worst result since the country peacefully split with Slovakia in 1993.

Now you might think that’s because there’s some sort of economic downturn , except:

The Czech economy has enjoyed rapid growth, a balanced budget and the lowest unemployment in the European Union in the past four years, but the Social Democrats - who led a government with ANO and another partner - were not able to capitalise.



Dale Jr. is the one driver who can get away with it for two reasons. He’s the most popular name in NASCAR even when he isn’t the best driver (he’s good but only about 1/2 what his Dad was), and he’s also retiring after this year.

He has nothing to lose.


That’s depressing news about the Czech election. Racism just releases a phenomenal amount of political energy, for those willing to tap it.


Yes, it does. Someday that has to end, doesn’t it?


“Comey is my homey”.


That was a lot of fun.


Also surprisingly gratifying.


The original is from the Netflix Daredevil show, if anybody cares (or if anybody didn’t already know).


Do you know if it was from season 1 or season ?. It looked vaguely familiar.


Season 1, episode 13.


Too good to be true?
Edit: Bummer, just a brief glimmer. He’s back.


The important point:
Q: Do you think leaders of the Democratic Party are mainly (presenting alternatives to Trump’s proposals), or mainly (criticizing Trump’s proposals without presenting alternatives)?

61% - Criticizing without alternatives.

Democrats need to get their ideas out there. A lot and repeatedly.


(Caveat: Venting into the wind here. so I hope no one takes this personally)

The media doesn’t cover policy. They cover conflict politics.
Stolen from Reddit:

(The link in the screenshot:)

(The progressive caucus in the House has a budget proposal and it’s received exactly zero coverage. )

So, according to the media, the Republican message that “brown people are coming to kill you and Democrats support that” is sufficient to galvanize voters, but Democrats don’t stand for anything, don’t have a message, and therefore voters are going to stay home and let the other guy win and in the process destroy everything they value.

Now, a lot of voters do stay home - but is that because Democrats lack pithy bumper sticker policy, or is it rather the media message (and stealing from LGM) “both sides are the same but Democrats are worse” that the media loves to portray? Once the talking points and narrative begins - and I heard this over and over again this weekend - much like other propaganda it becomes the truth.

The few times I see Democrats interviewed currently, they’re asked about the Russia investigation. I’ve seen Republicans interviewed, currently and over the years go completely unchallenged whenever they start babbling about their “pro growth agenda” of tax cuts and destroying the environment, or their current lie that “we are the highest taxed nation in the world,” or that tax cuts pay for themselves, or whatever stupid ass assertion of the week they are making. Take note of the tone and tenor of the questions Democrats face even from perceived “friendly” media outlets.

If the perception exists that Democrats don’t stand for anything or don’t have a message (and apparently according to the poll, it does) that’s due to the media. Just look at this week with that ridiculous Brazile’s Politico piece and her stupid book. LOOK ANOTHER HILLARY CLINTON SCANDAL and then ?oops maybe that’s not entirely accurate but moving on…

TL, DR: Fuck the media.

EDIT: The Republican message.


Yup. If ‘getting their ideas out there’ means ‘coming up with better taglines,’ fair enough, but that bundles in with my general pessimism about the intelligence/engagement of the electorate.

Although, granted, politics has always been pretty tagline-driven…

“Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!”
“A New Deal”
“Peace, Land, Bread”
“Decapitate all the aristocrats”


That one may gain traction.


Still hoping he dies an unnatural death.


Well given he doesn’t even know how to eat KFC in a natural manner, I’m confident he can manage that on his own as well.