President Trump Optimism thread


Way to troll your ex-boss.


The only problem is it’s too subtle orange face. But yeah, Comey has some game.



tl;dr thread

So, how optimistic is Trump, exactly?





Does he mean because of his deep grasp of international affairs and diplomacy or in a more existential sense wherein people other than him do not exist in an objective reality but only as extensions of his ego?


He thinks it’s that first one.


Great recruiting message. Come sign up for a job that doesn’t matter for a man who will only ever describe your position as a waste of space and money.


Sadly describes jobs I’ve had before


These are the days that I have to take my head in my hands and just boggle at how a critical number of voters in certain states could, for even a brief moment, think that electing this idiot was a good idea.

To paraphrase Rick James, “Racism is a hell of a drug.”


Trump has made me actually hope that Mitt Romney becomes a senator - does that count as optimism?

Before Ronna Romney McDaniel took over as Republican National Committee chairwoman earlier this year, President Trump had a request: Would she be willing to stop using her middle name publicly?

Trump followed up by saying in a lighthearted way that McDaniel, the niece of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, could do what she wanted, according to two people familiar with the comments. But the change was soon plain for all to see. Though she had used her maiden name for years in Michigan, where her grandfather George W. Romney had been governor, McDaniel dropped “Romney” from most official party communications and has rarely used it since.


Starting in 2019, all US babies will be named “Donald” or “Trump”.


Since we already had one mention of Cards Against Humanity in this thread, we’ll put this one here too.


My letter from Cards said, “You get nothing. If you don’t like it, tough tittie”. I did get a chuckle out of it, so there!



Trump’s asshattery is at least prompting others to counter him.


I’ll admit I don’t read many USA Today articles and even fewer of their editorials. But I bet they have never published an editorial about any political figure much less a President nearly as critical as this one. wow.


Good point from Yglesias.


The felony charges against those Inauguration protesters have been thrown out.

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