Pressing X to Ellen in Beyond: Two Souls


I don't see how you can love Gone Home and hate on this game. Both are terrible.


Well, learn something new every day. I'll be sure to pass that along to Mama Pogue, with your regards.


Did you try reading the respective reviews? :)


Really? 'Ellen page character'? The ghost is called Aiden, not Iden. Christ.


Psst, I think that was a joke you know, like iPhone/iDen.


Is this that game where Ellen Page Character Model sits on the turlet?


"How to Generate Website Traffic and Revenue", a guide by Tom Chick

1. Rate a big, anticipated game WAY lower than everybody else.
2. Watch the traffic come!

Tom's review scores:
Beyond: Two Souls: 20% (Metacritic average: 72%)
The Last of Us: 60% (Metacritic average: 95%)
Bioshock Infinite: 60% (Metacritic average: 94%)
Far Cry 3: 60% (Metacritic average: 91%)
Halo 4: 20% (Metacritic average: 87%)
Sleeping Dogs: 40% (Metacritic average: 80%)
Journey: 40% (Metacritic average: 92%)

Do I have you pegged Tom, or are you the just most hyper-critical game reviewer of all time? If so, I feel bad for're missing out on some fantastic and enjoyable experiences. Maybe not so much with Beyond, but really, 60% for The Last of Us? 40% for Journey?! Surely you enjoyed them more than your review scores suggest. I'm curious to know why your taste in video games is so different from everyone else's.


Tom's score for GTA V, the most anticipated game of all time and the most likely to generate that traffic: 100%. I have exorcised the demons. This house is clear.


I think Tom Chick's problem is that a lot of times he judges a game for what he wants it to be instead of judging it for what it is.


Woah Tom, you haven't played The Walking Dead?
Get right on that, stat!
It does the same thing as Heavy Rain / Beyond, but in execution is miles ahead.

As for this review, I've only played the demo, but that was enough to save me £50. So, best demo ever then.

And your experiences with the full thing represent mine exactly, except that in addition, I'd like to add how ridiculously frustrating the ever-changing controls were in the demo. I hate failing a task in a game purely because the controls are inscrutable. AND I'M A DWARF FORTRESS PLAYER.

BTW, trivia: I grew up in Gloucestershire, and one of the features of my childhood was the Uley long barrow in the Cotswolds.
I remember it fondly, as along with the Tyndale Monument in Nibley (or Nibley Monument for short), its informal name was one of those things I remember getting my formative tongue delightfully tied around: Hetty Pegler's Tump.


1 star ? really ? how can ur shity review have some readers ? and how on earth people care about ur F'ed up reviews anyway ? me ? i got here from meta to see why on earth u gave this game 20 out of 100 ? i guess u shame to human race wer expecting an FPS ? or better a COD ? ure beyond stupid , why dont u just go back to play some shity games like COD and stop giving out review's ? u low life Beyond is not ur type of game and i guess Sony didnt give u a free copy ! u trash .


I think Tom knows the difference between "generating controversy" and "pissing off gamers so much that they boycott your website". Plus, he has to throw in a real, unbiased review every now and then so people don't catch wind of his marketing strategy.


There's so many things wrong with this comment. First of all, TWD doesn't have anything remotely in common with this POS aside from the fact that both were marketed as story-driven adventure "games" with minimal gameplay (and at least Telltale acknowledged the fact that they were aiming to make interactive fiction rather than a traditional "game"). Second, TWD and this POS aren't even anywhere close to being in the same league in terms of story, dialogue, character development, etc. and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. Third, TWD was made by an independent company, which makes they had a SMALL budget to work with!


Are you one of those 9/11 Truther guys?


CoD is objectively better than this game in every possible way.


it's good to have a reviewer with some old school standards. it's obvious Tom appreciates actual gameplay higher than everything else in a GAME. if you look at his scores knowing this, you can understand it completely.


And that's the standard intelligence of people who enjoyed B:2S


This review makes no sense at all. Just go play your FPS games if u didnt enjoy this kind of game. In metacritic u just make a fool of urself, u should focus in the important aspects of an adventure game. If adventures games isnt ur thing, that's ur own problem, don't blame this game that took a lot of effort to be made for all the teams involved while u just sit ur lazy ass in a chair n type a few words ab something u dont even understand.


I hated the demo for this game. I will never play the full game. I think it's hilarious that David Cage addressed the complaints about the lack of freedom of movement in Heavy Rain by telepathically tethering Ellen Page to the ship from the Descent series with -noclip enabled.
That said, Beyond's story sounds like it has the ingredients — a a player-controlled, disembodied first-person viewpoint and an Ellen Page — required to say something about the relationship between the player and the characters in a game. Does Cage do anything at all with this, Tom?


Now that's quite ironic for you to say, stupiddumbfuks.